Any Day That Ends In YA – Fallen Crest Public by Tijan

Camera 360 I got this sent to my Kindle and was almost done with it before I went to sleep yesterday morning despite sporting a MEGA-MIGRAINE. I would have finished it sooner but I had to go to a neuro-clinic and then an urgent care to get an IV and a toast of narcotics to kill this vicious party beast in my head. A weeklong migraine is a little like having a truly spiteful in-law who won’t go home. I’d like to say, “Ta-da! Today I’m all better.” But, today I have a headache. Bugger!

I did get to read Fallen Crest Public by Tijan and wow, is it me or is Sam always on the crap side down side of the cracker? My heart goes out to her but hells-bells, girlfriend. You must have a victim sign on you somewhere still, predators don’t look to take down the ones with strength–those they try to mate with. It’s the weak ones in the pack that they cull. You have all this inner whosey-whatsey but until you get out from under that shroud of woe-is-me those little ankle-bitters are going to keep taking chunks out of you until they bring you down to their size. And clever strategies should include aggression being met with aggression that does not allow for you to be left alone with your own crazy idea of handling your crap. When you know the bad is coming for you, don’t be the dumb rabbit that goes to the foxes house.

I had a heavy hard time with Sam last book and it was not soooo bad in this book. I wish that the stages of psychosis she is dealing with from novel to novel weren’t so definitive from one to the next. It would be nice if they lapped over from one to the other since most of the books have a small margin of time between them. It would seem more coherent if you saw it in an early stage in the previous book. For the most part a fear of abandonment doesn’t blow up all at once in a case like hers. It would be there all along keep her distanced from anyone: Heather, Logan, Mason… Yadda, Yadda. That would have red flagged all over the place throughout two and three. That whole panic thing would have been there all the time too … you get my point though. Neuroses aren’t generally one or the other.

The power that Mason and Logan hold in FCP leaves me a little off in a land of awe confusion. I will not divulge how many moons have passed since I graduated but will admit that more moons have passed since I graduated high school than the years from primary school to the last of my high school commencement. In that world of influence and power… I am not sure anymore if that existed to that extent where I went. I think on a small scale it did. I went home with someone I shouldn’t have in eleventh grade, got beat up by him and some of his friends and they left at a gas station fifteen miles from home. They had a whole stonewall up by Monday morning about what happened. I was the relatively “crazy” girl who did dipshit things that just asked for these things. Who would believe my crap anyway other than my mother who picked me up and saw how I looked. By the way I think she still owns one of the guys winter coats since he left it with me because it was the dead of winter. Jackass, your name was in your coat. My mom liked the fact that she had your name the entire time.

fallenSo that sort of group land-sharking happens. And people who snitch are not seen handling things on their own. It’s a really crappy catch-22. This book is a really good deterrent to having children because all of these kids are budding mafia or sociopaths. The only one of them I might want to claim is Mark. I recently finished Carter Reed, I hadn’t realized that I had left it unfinished and picked it back up, I can’t help but wonder what sort of men, Tijan knows… because her male characters are all volatile and would peel the skin off someone who harmed someone they loved. I have never had someone in my life like that. I don’t know if I would be secure in that relationship or if I would be endlessly guilt-ridden at knowing the moral and ethical implication of the eye for eye lifestyle. It is somehow self satisfying to read the caveman behavior of it all though. That very primitive and basic love and caring. I often wish that Tijan wrote a much older genre novel just to see how that would all translate into a mature relationship. Carter Reed was a good New Adult book and it had a more adult feel but I would really like to see a title in adult fiction to see what an older Mason and a mature Sam would be like. How would that desperate obsession between them solidify into a mature relationship and how would ten or so years with each other dull the edges of all those strong and delicate feelings. Just a thought.

I had thought that Fallen Crest Public would be the end of this series but it is not and I don’t know if I am happy or sad about this. I really tend to like definitive endings and book series that go on forever tend to lose perspective after a while. I would really rather end the Mason/Sam part and do a Logan finding his way series. It would also be a [hint hint] nice deal if you could burn of a few short stories about Mark at some point. Nothing totally over the top… maybe a couple of Wonder Mark getting the best of Cass… or Mark and Adam. Mark and his Mom. They would look Mahvalous dahling served with a side of chianti.

My head has now become a full on throb and this is apparently a message from the gods, telling me that Mason, Logan and Sam are too much for one brain to take.Tijan can be found on Facebook by her Tijan Books fanpage, Tijan Writing fanpage, Goodreads and Twitter. Don’t miss reading Fallen Crest High and Fallen Crest Family. You can read Fallen Crest High free on Smashwords.

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