Makin’ the Love Monday – Saved by Venom by Lolita Lopez

IMG_8507I feel really lucky at times. For instance when I am at Target and the parking lot gods bless me with a parking spot under one of the trees so my black car with it’s black interior doesn’t become 150 degrees fahrenheit in the SoCal heat. That makes me feel pretty awesome. Or when I get on a plane and the person next me is a female. I have a super duper male species type neurosis and having to sit next to a strange male person can give me an anxiety attack. So female flight companions… blessed by higher beings. Or when Laura the Ellora’s Cave book review representative sent me the email for Lolita Lopez’s third Grabbed book, Saved by Venom, that there was like winning the book lottery for the week. That made me feel really, really lucky.

I super duper loved the first two Grabbed books: Grabbed by Vicious and Caught by Menace. I have to say that of the three books, this one is the best one of the series. I loved Hallie but was lukewarm about Vicious in the first book. Second book–loved Menace and wanted to beat Naya with something solid. Saved by Venom… PERFECT. Venom is sexy, caring and bad ass. Dizzy is capable without being pigheaded, strong–yet vulnerable, and she knows what is best for her and Venom from the start. I think that without a doubt this pairing is the most cohesive and digestible of the series.

Dizzy has grown up on Calyx amidst the harshness of uprisings, her father’s black market dealings, and wandering between the underground and independent life as a clothing designer on the rather backwards planet. All is lost when her father sells her lottery number to a mob boss as collateral for a debt he owes. Now Dizzy is faced with being in a Harcos Grab, something that she weighs as positive, in light that the other option would be her being a plaything to the mob boss her father was in business with. She has heard all the rumors of Harcos men hurting and abusing their women but she lives with the hope that the man who grabs her will treat her well.

venomFor over a decade Venom has fought in some of the most horrid places and seen the bloodiest battles. He’s committed the deadliest acts to earn enough points to take part in a grab and get a wife. Now that he has a chance he wants to find his mate and start a family. He is desperate for something to give his life meaning and solace from a lifetime of grief. From the moment Venom’s eyes sight Dizzy he wants no other. She is the only one he can imagine loving and cherishing and he will fight everyone to keep her. She is the future he has always envisioned for himself.

I really like the continuity of the Red Feather, Splinters and Sixers stories throughout the series and how the story of what is happening on Calyx is affecting the Valiant and Harcos men in the Sky and Land Corps. I like the fact that Dankirk has become a larger and larger presence throughout the books too. In Venom and Dizzy’s book Lolita Lopez did something really awesome and she introduced two characters who are based on Calyx: Hopper and Devious and we know that they both have special skills that can be used in the future by the Harcos. I really hope we see more of both of them. I am personally making wishes to see Hopper in a Grab at some point. Is it time for Risk to cash in his points?

Speaking of Risk… let me jump on the supporting characters topic. Lolita Lopez does a really great job with secondary characters with these books. I have to say that I was constantly confused because I don’t know the difference between Torment and Terror. Lolita~ I need a little help on evil Shadow Force Operatives named T. But other than that I don’t know where to stop gushing about the incredibly fascinating and compelling secondary characters that need their own books.

Obviously I want a book for Risk. I think that one should be called “Taken by Risk”. I think Risk would look good in orange. Then there is Mayhem… when a guy with a bionic leg kicks the bacon-bits out of a traitor for chasing a Betty around a spaceship–he needs his own book. His HEA should be someone he can spar with physically. Men like him like women who can give as much as they can take. Then there is Pierce. Why does he have such a boring name? He needs a book but he also needs to learn to fall gracefully. Maybe his woman can be someone who manufactures rubber military gear for Harcos soldiers. Zephyr–who I have been wanting to see as a hero for a while… I love Zephyr (Sigh!) I think it would be really great if we can find a woman who has some sort of impairment about flight. Or more awesome. Give Zephyr some sort of little sparrow of a woman who is some sort of Splinter pilot. Just spice it all up. Torment’s Grab. Give Torment the man-eating-soul bitch from hell. Or, no! How about giving him the church raised virgin that will turn him upside down. You know, she will try to win his black heart while she does the load of whites on laundry day? So many options. I think my job is done here.

OH! I left out Hazard! His book could be called Misappropriated by Hazard! He won’t get his woman from a Grab. He will see her one day and will accidently “borrow” her when no one is looking and forget to put her back.

Well that was fun. Back to the regularly scheduled program.

Lolita Lopez has hit this one out of the ballpark and I recommend it for anyone who enjoys futuristic erotic space fantasy (aka kinky space smut). Please read the series in order. The stories are rather stand alone, but the back story is continuous and the characters from earlier books do play part in later books. Reading them out of order will not cause interstellar warfare but baby panda bears may feel the affects karmically and they will lose sleep over it.

Mistress Lolita Lopez can be found all over the interwebuals. Please look for her on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Author Page, Goodreads, Ellora’s Cave and Pinterest.

Saved by Venom will be out November 29, 2013. Thanks to Ellora’s Cave for the review copy of this title. I enjoyed Venom very much… Lolita, honey, let’s do lunch. We have a lot of books to plan!
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