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Makin’ the Love Monday – Saved by Venom by Lolita Lopez

IMG_8507I feel really lucky at times. For instance when I am at Target and the parking lot gods bless me with a parking spot under one of the trees so my black car with it’s black interior doesn’t become 150 degrees fahrenheit in the SoCal heat. That makes me feel pretty awesome. Or when I get on a plane and the person next me is a female. I have a super duper male species type neurosis and having to sit next to a strange male person can give me an anxiety attack. So female flight companions… blessed by higher beings. Or when Laura the Ellora’s Cave book review representative sent me the email for Lolita Lopez’s third Grabbed book, Saved by Venom, that there was like winning the book lottery for the week. That made me feel really, really lucky.

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