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Tongue Wagger – Spirit of Fire by Katlyn Conrad

Spirit-on-Fire-StrokeHot guys need apply here! Wait! That worked? And I’m talking seriously hot. S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y. This guy is on FIRE! And he’s a little demony, but all the better. I have to tell you hot, dangerous, kinda on the edge of darkness and heavy on the tortured is my kinda man! Katlyn Conrad delivered him when I said, “Hot guys need apply here!” like she made him up or something! What are the chances?

Some of us are born with all of our Lego parts pre-pressed and others of us have to grow out or interlocking pieces. Samantha really lost the Lego Lottery; she is a Lego Shaman–I mean a Shifter Shaman. As a shaman she should have a certain aptitude with a particular shifter sect with which she could work her magic but Sam’s got the small stick of crap luck and instead of being rich with the power she got beat down by the hierarchy in the dog den where she once lived. The world of wolves wasn’t good to her and when she pieced herself together, and that was all that was left, she hit the road and has lived in hiding ever since. She is on the flight portion of fight or flight, if a shifter takes notice in her she takes off.

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