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Tongue Wagger: The Mate Challenge by Milly Taiden


The Sassy Mates books fell into my lap when I began doing what I am happily calling Amazon Book Crawls. Social people have bar crawls and do foolish things with WTF consequences that they often need to explain to family, friends, and/or the police, for a while I feared my book crawls would land me in Debit Card jail with my guy, but he responded with the nicest pass which was, “I will never begrudge you books”.  My habit is to pick a topic, plug it into an Amazon search, in this case it was ‘Shifter Mates’, and then I just flipped through the pages buying whatever looked interesting.

Now… I should tell you that I buy, EVERY MONTH, between 100 – 300 books. Yep, I do. And that thing everyone cries about when reviewing ARCs on how Amazon takes down their reviews NEVER HAPPENS to me. Why would they ever want to piss me off? I’m a cash cow. Will I ever in my lifetime read those books? NO! But as time has passed and I have met more authors and they have been for the most part, Indie Authors, I just buy to support them now. I consider it paying it forward.

When I first read Scent of a Mate… I began buying all Milly’s shifter books. I was in lurve! She has a way with furry men and sexy sex that makes my Kindle feel like I’m doing a workout. I dunno if it’s the panting, the flushing of my skin or the hot flashes but her stories make me feel like I need an energy drink afterward.

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Man Crush Everyday – Her Purrfect Match by Milly Taiden

Is it #WomanCrushWednesday yet? Don’t answer that! I know it’s Monday; it’s been Monday all day. It doesn’t matter, Milly is my #WomanCrushWeekday and I think I want to have her web-babies. They will look beautiful, all tawny skinned cherub babes with pink tipped kitten ears. They’ll be bilingual and speak feline and human; have Milly’s ability to get jiggy with it and the good part of my cray cray that makes happy chaos! Beautiful web-babies! #sigh

Like all peeps with the mental capacity of a thirteen year old just as much as I crush on Milly-doesn’t-do-vanilli, I have a man crush on Grayson Green. C’mon now! You have to be a hundred and sixty, with dead genitals, and no pleasure centers in your brain, if Gray doesn’t turn your buttons with that dirty mouth and descriptive ability. I mean, holy mouse house, Catman! That man would make Wilhelm Wundt proud with his command of visualization and imagery. I have gone back and read some of the naughty bits when it’s cold at night, I’m a money miser and won’t turn on the heat and I’ve already bought the book; Gray’s motion of the ocean heats my apartment with “Green” energy. (You have to expect that if there is a place for a pun I will find it!)

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Makin’ The Love Monday – Geek Bearing Gifts by Milly Taiden

Geek-Bearing-Gifts-strokes“RAWR!”, big teddy bears of Stone Clan! I love y’all and I know the needs of Stone Clan, you yearn for vivacious suds and voluptuous bods!

Milly I have a fantastical idea… why stop at a dating agency? We need a paranormal singles bar. A Bear Bar! A bar bears can get brown bottled brew and bare their furry needs for bodaciously beautiful Betties. I bring the gift of hops to Milly’s dating world. Wine is fine, liquor is quicker, but beer is dear to the simple soul and kindhearted.

Y’all want Nitas of your own! I don’t blame you, Nita is muy caliente and I think Milly probably burned out her keyboard with some of the humma-da-humma-da in Geek Bearing Gifts. Actually, I think she and her keyboard probably know one another so well that she can telepathically send it messages and it writes her books while she is elsewhere. It also edits her books and publishes them digitally while she is getting her nails and her did. Her keyboard probably converts to a sex toy and psychotherapist as well! Eff me… I need to train my keyboard to be like her keyboard! Every girl needs a Milly Taiden keyboard; I hope mine comes in pink!

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Weekend Pick Me Up – Twice the Growl by Milly Taiden

Twice The Growl by Milly TaidenWhat’s the one thing you can enjoy only by yourself and is better than chocolate?

This isn’t a trick question. There is only one thing better than chocolate that is a one rider per vehicle experience and that is Milly pRon-a-ture . I just made up that term, let’s see if we can get it in the next Oxford Dictionary edition.

Defintion: pRon-a-ture: writing which contains erotic themes or messages that surpasses those hot sexy times that can be found in most normal or common erotic novels.

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Book It – In News Today: Milly Taiden Gets Twice as Growly & Promises Double-Stuffed Goodness!

Upcoming-Release-BannerOH EM Gee! What time you got? I got sexy times! Milly “The Minx” Taiden is doing that thing again where she puts words out there for us to buy and then we lick our e-readers and rub our thighs together! Yes, Children of the Porn, it’s Milly Time. Twice the Growl is out and it’s time for you to put your money in Milly’s digital G-string, smack her ass and call her often… this Minx is definitely worth the repeat booty call, her books will make you scream, sing and curl your toes. These are the books your mother warned you about! Don’t you dare miss buying one of them! Continue Reading

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Tongue Wagger – Swan Prince by Erin Lark

The-Swan-Prince-StrokeFoolish me, I didn’t read the synopsis of this book and requested it from Entangled based solely because I liked the cover. It’s a very nice cover, I think you will admit that the pretty is a high quality pretty. As you could imagine, or perhaps, not at all, I was surprised as hell to find out it was a m/m romance. I seem to have missed the dude on the horse while looking at the hot muscle-y-ish dude in the moonlight–blow me over with a feather! Yeah, I had to go with the pun. So it took me a couple days to come off my previous conceptions to get into this book… and there was also this thing where I don’t find swans, ducks, gooses or chickens sexy. I almost had to call foul on this lovestory. I totally laughed aloud at that one! It was good. It was a really good one! I know you chuckled. Damn you! Admit it! Continue Reading


Makin’ the Love Monday – Night of the Tiger by N.J. Walters

photo Augh! Monday. It’s like Sunday night’s bastard sister. I am exhausted and it’s the beginning of the week, my list of things to do is just being made and I already want a break. Cry! Cry! How tough is life!

The book I chose for my Makin’ the Love Monday is something that I actually read a few weeks ago but I loved it and it is deservin’ of the kudos–so here is it’s red ribbon reward and all.

I found this book in my Amazon recommendations and I usually get the weirdest recommendations from Amazon so when I read the synopsis and it sounded good I sort of figured that Amazon must have screwed up and sent me someone else’s book suggestion. Night of the Tiger (This book is free for Kindle at this time) by N.J. Walters is the first book I have read by this author, despite finding she has written more books than the phone book has Smiths, and it was A-mazing. If I had to condense a description of what the beginning of this book is like I would say–imagine Dante’s Inferno, a hodgepodge of Bosch art, the TV show Carnivale, and Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter Series–put them all together, stir them up, shake that upside down, now add a little kitten tail and some mythologically screwed up comics and you get the world as it’s known to Aimee and Roric.

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