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Book It – In News Today: Ruthie Knox Reveals Just A Bit About Last Night


Ruthie Knox is giving this excerpt release for her book About Last Night. The Adult Romance is about two people from polar sides of most things meeting in the middle to heat one another up in all the ways that romance readers love to read about most in opposites attract stories. The title is on sale this week for only 99¢ on Amazon and B&N; you should take advantage of the sweet deal before it goes away!


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Weekly Indie Word Slinger – Lori Bentley Law


This week my Word Slinger is Motor Doll Lori Bentley Law. Lori is a pretty fascinating chick whose alter ego might strongly resemble the character Benny from her novel Motor Dolls. She is an author, photojournalist, Vintage car enthusiast and I’m pretty sure that she just might be a vigilante who is righting the wrongs of the world, but if she were to confirm that she might have to convince us that it is all just good weather in Belize. It’s all thumbs up in my book!

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Book It – In News Today: Eva Morgan Releases Locked


Eva Morgan’s New Adult murder mystery sleuth novel about modern day Sherlock Holmes and his Girl Friday, next door neighbor, Irene Adler–a broken woman who lost her sister. Will Irene be able to solve the murder before the killer’s next victim is Sherlock in this contemporary ‘Who dun’it’? Eva Morgan is offering a

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Book It – In News Today: Tijan Reveals Cover of Sustain with First Two Chapters


Tijan’s picks up the story of the band Braille, now known as Sustain, who caught everyone’s attention in earlier Broken & Screwed Series books. Brielle Masterson will be familiar to you as the bartender from The Shack, the dive bar where Jesse brought Alex to hangout and where she met the guys of Braille in Broken & Screwed 2. Now Sustain has found stardom and a return trip home to Grant West for a short break is a time for Brielle to see the guys she grew up with after a year away. Only looking at all the things that have changed, there are so many of the things that are still the same.

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