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Makin’ The Love Monday – Crimson Sins by Madeline Pryce

Crimson-Sins BannerWhen I was a Youth Gone Wild at the tender age of nineteen I hung with kids younger than me, very likely because I was just as dumb as I was smart. My immaturity and street smarts aligned me with troublemakers who were well aware that they had to fit in all their crime sprees before their eighteenth birthday. As for me, I’d already made bad choices a habit and decided I could make it a lifestyle or career. Where is this going? I remember going with one of my sixteen year old friends to a tattoo parlor on his birthday to get the band Biohazard’s logo on his arm. When I first read of Bastian’s mark I had this brief flashback to this dive tattoo parlor on Main St. in Dunmore, PA and this kid, who looked like a strange combination of Beavis and blind mole, getting inked up and I was hearing the State of the World Address softly playing in the wind. Then it all went away and I was like, “Mmmmm… Bastain can do what, how, and who? Magical colors in a rainbow of Skittles good feeling colors that feed him, when he is doing me? Where is this paranormal application for undead, dead, necro-somethin’ somethin’. yum yum, lovin’ nom noms? I am in like Flynn. I have no idea what that saying means, but I mean it in the spirit of the definition as I understand it.

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Tongue Wagger – Dark Secrets by Madeline Pryce


Mmmm… Micah. You know if something’s good you make sure you keep going back for more. Micah is one of my favorite good things. I don’t know if there is an ‘enough’ point where he is concerned. I have a somethin’ somethin’ for Eli as well and if I could have a Micah and Eli bookend sammich with me as a gooey center I think that would be a moment in my fictional fantasy life that would need to be memorialized by some sort of mental photography. Sexual psychic 3-d imaging. MY GOD! Imagine if you could 3-d print your fav book boyfriend?! I would have a complete collection of Maddie Pryce’s Dark Series twig and berry cast!

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Book It – In News Today: Madeline Pryce Shares Her Dark Secrets

Madeline Pryce has just released the cover of her upcoming Dark Series novel Dark Secrets. Dark Secrets is the second book in this series and continues the story of Ella and Micah and their hummidy-hummah hot and spicy love that is full of biting, snarking and lovely slapping and tickling. Dark Secrets will be released on July 11, 2014 from Ellora’s Cave.
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Makin’ The Love Monday – Wicked Magic by Madeline Pryce

Wicked Magic by Madeline PryceI wrote more than half of this review before I realized it was for the wrong book. Meh, my hand is starting to ache and I’m getting tired. Thankfully I have JYJ to distract me. JaeJoong might only way 85lbs but he’s awesome to watch dance. I’m set… kinda, It is 3am and it is Sunday night/morning; I’ve been living the life Kafka described in the Metamorphosis the last six months–do you think I’m ready for anything at anytime these days?

Let me be sure I’m talking about the right book first… just because I lurved Crimson Sins doesn’t mean that every review I do should be about Bastian and Morgan. I will do their book next… especially since I wrote most of the review thinking I was writing this review. But lets get this one under my belt first… hrmmm… I’ve actually only been wearing pajamas for the last six months. Let’s get this one in my PJs. Sounds a little naughty but appropriate.

Sam and Trent are like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Sam has actually been waiting years for Trent to put his chocolate in her peanut butter. Trent’s a little leary about mixing the two great tastes into one delicious bite because he fears that once he does he might never be able to crave any other brand of nutty butter ever again… Plus his father has warned him that sometimes peanut butter becomes an addiction; better to let his brother, Miah have Sam’s smooth sweet spread than let Trent fall for it. He’s struggled to accept that and fight the need to sink his chocolaty sinfulness in her hot melty peanut butter. Forbidden and unrequited love, how sweet, eh?

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Feeling Peckish – Claiming Ecstasy by Madeline Pryce

ClaimingEcstasy_MSRMaddie is one of my besties and while I will preface this review with one of those ridiculously trite, “I was given this book in exchange for a fair and truthful yadda yadda… cup of sugar, bowl of cherries and basket of kittens. I review books and I wouldn’t give anything other than my complete and honest opinion simply because I have an overinflated ego and enjoy hearing my own witty repartee. Kissing arse and dropping names only takes away from time I can be spending talking about how great the novel reflects on my personality, why would I do that?

So, please, allow me to drop the beat and mark the flow and I’ll catch this rhythm ’cause I’m a mistress of the words and measure, yo!

It’s midnight… I just totally busted a hip-hop line that MCA or Ad-rock would have wrote in the 80’s. I blame the fact that I’m on psych meds (which I messed with my own dosage tonight seeking a little body/mind detachment. I added an anti-inflammatory, Motrin and then an hour and half later Tylenol with Hydrocodone. I’m trying to not feel my fingers or back, it’s selectively working; I feel Jello-ey and mushy–but the hurty parts still hurt. Eff’in arthritis, I wish the person who thought this disease up gets a lifetime supply of stale bread.

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He Said, She Said – Making Love 101 – Madeline Pryce

Making Love 101Making Love 101 has allowed me to come in contact with some incredible authors and make some great new friends. Madeline Pryce has been the very definition of kindness and patience and has been sending me bushels of email (((HUGS))), which I am forever thankful for because I think everyone can agree that when you have the flu 6 weeks out of 2 months, virtual TLC is right up there with Fresno’s potato soup and 4th of July. Well, you can’t agree with that, but I can say that and you can nod like you know what I’m talking about. Thanks oodles and noodles, Madeline!

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Makin’ The Love Monday – Dark Craving by Madeline Pryce

Dark CravingsYummy. I like my men like I like my coffee. EVIL. Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm, Micah. I want him with a little Splenda and some ice because I don’t like hot drinks hot and then I would get the Grande size, ’cause–well we all know men like him don’t come in a tiny cup!

Madeline Pryce sent me this review copy when she agreed to be part of my Making Love 101 interviews and when I read the book I pretty much wanted to find the graveyard Micah and Ella patrol incase I could hook up on some tricycle action if Guinevere should ever peek out of Hell and want to give us all a little spritz of Lust by Chanel again. Don’t be giving this page that look. Once you read the book you will be trying to figure out how to be the third wheel too, so don’t be judging me until you know the path my eyes have travelled.

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