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Book Review: Do You Dare? by Lylah James

Do You Dare? by Lylah James
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Do You Dare? by Lylah James
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Title: Do You Dare? (Truth and Dare Duet #1)
Author: Lylah James
Genre: Contemporary Romance
My rating:
4 of 5 stars

For the sake of a place to begin: would you like to hear about my bookgirlcrush and story savior Lila Garcia?

Do You Dare is a slow-burn romance that had me scratching my head as to what genre it was supposed to be through the first dozen chapters. This is not Erotica–or at least nothing at all graphic happens for roughly 96% of the book. There is more of a tell-the-dirty and less show-the-dirty story-driven narrative. It leaves a lot of room for character development, and that in itself is why Lila is my current bookcrush.

Maddox Coulter is afforded plenty of indulgences due to his family’s wealth and influence. His looks and talent are icing on his expensive cupcake-like existence, which is a good thing for most of these hungry bitches, but Lila already knows boys like him taste like regret. Without meaning to incite the predator, Lila dared to commit the ultimate sin; she waited for coffee while having boobs.

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