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Book It – In News Today: Tijan Posts Mason POV Teaser For Fans

 Book It - In News Today: Tijan Gives FALLEN FOURTH DOWN TEASER!

This morning, September 5th, Tijan released another peek of Fallen Fourth Down on her Facebook Author page, Tijan Books. The Fallen Crest Series is a Tijanette favorite and this book is long awaited. The release of Fallen Fourth Down is promised to be later this month and Tijan is just warming up her loving followers and loyal fans with these snippets to get them prepared for the real thing. Thanks, Tijan, your yummy samplings are making me hungry for the promised Fallen Crest New Release Celebratory Dinner! Continue Reading

Book It

Book It – In News Today: Tijan Gives FALLEN FOURTH DOWN TEASER!

On August 20th Tijan posted the following message and teaser to her Tijan Books Facebook account announcing that Fallen Fourth Down was in fact just around the corner and would be ready for release in September. This is the fourth Fallen Crest Series Episodic however Tijan has many “extras” she has released that were alternative versions or bonus versions. At the bottom of this post is a full list of all the books in the Fallen Crest Series!Blog-Separater2 Continue Reading