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Be My Guest – Reflecting on Meredith: The Character We Love to Hate

by Lexi Ryan

Reflecting on Meredith: The Character We Love to Hate

If you’ve read the first two books of the Here and Now series, you probably have some opinions about Meredith. You might have some choice words for her as well. I know I do. When I first started writing about her, I said, “Some people are just horrible.” But even horrible people have their reasons—valid or not. Continue Reading


Makin’ The Love Monday – All For This by Lexi Ryan

All-for-This-cover-strokeDid you hear that strange noise that shattered the skies last Monday? It was a strange combination between a squee, yip, OMG and ayeee! I didn’t mean to broadcast globally but I finished All For This and the conclusion of my reading journey combined with the knowledge that I would no longer be buying cases of TUMS for the anxiety regarding Hannah’s fickle heart was enough to celebrate.

Bless you, Lexi Ryan, for such a fabulous last book to close off an incredible series! I take back all the snarky nixing you off my Christmas list and now beg to ask that you add me to see your Amazon wishlists. Can I please buy you a pony? Continue Reading

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Book It – In News Today: Here and Now, Lexi Ryan Gives Sneak Peak of All For This

All for This FB banner (Pre-release)

A tempting sneak peek to the long awaited third and final installment to Lexi Ryan’s Here and Now Trilogy is being released today. Long awaited to people like me who are addicted to the story. Actually, Lexi has been putting these books out at a blessedly short succession that feel like forever to those who are on edge at the cliffhangers book to book. This excerpt gives you a little look into Max’s side of the new clusterbutterfly that went into effect at the end of Fall To You. Personally, I’m Team Nate but when I see Max’s POV I don’t know what the hell to think because the guy just doesn’t seem like the douche canoe I want him to be so I can hate and forget him. Damn you Jacob Black for making me so freaking on the fence about love triangles; you rotten, furry, little shit! I almost hope that at the end of All For This Hanna gets her memory back and remembers she is actually a lesbian and has been seeing a woman behind all their backs. GRRRL POWA!


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Sunday Confession – I Judge Books By Their Covers; Mostly I Drool.

JudgementI am very shallow when it comes to books. I see a pretty face and I’m all over it. Don’t get me wrong I’ve dated many books that were great who weren’t the most handsome or beautiful on the outside but I’m sure no one can debate the fact that when you are shopping the eye-stoppers are the ones that get you to read their stats and get their digits over that of the nice book with the bland cover every time. Don’t try to act like you have more depth than the rest of us–you are just as guilty as I am when it comes to a book with some gloss and smart design. If it’s dressed up like someone took care with it and spent time getting it ready you can tell and you can’t help but look, even if you ARE happy with the book you are currently reading at the moment. Readers don’t mate for life with the books we meet so no one holds it against us when we slut ourselves around from book to book so don’t worry, peeps, no one is going to shame you for doing what comes natural. Look at those covers, baby!

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Makin’ The Love Monday – Fall To You by Lexi Ryan

FallToYou Amazon GR SWMy apologies to Ms. Lexi Ryan… she and I are both tired of me being late but thankfully I’m just effing up on getting reviews done on time and it’s not like she and I are having a baby or anything. Don’t worry Lexi the blood work is showing that I’m not having a human baby so you can’t be my baby momma! Of course I can’t reassure the aliens the same thing, those dudes are going to be paying offspring support of yonks from the looks of it… a situation that seems about as screwed up as the one Lexi has set up, put forth and then made me WTF through in this second Here and Now book, Fall To You.
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Weekend Pick Me Up – Lost In Me by Lexi Ryan

Lost In Me - Lexi RyanI have been trying very hard to overcome the habit of making quick judgements that my mother instilled in me as a child for sometime. Still, I find they bite me on the patootie and I often have times when I read that I get an impression and think I’ve figured out everything on that first thought and think I can stop there. It takes me a nudge to remember all the times I have made the promise that I wouldn’t be like my mom in quick painting all things black and white before I pull my big girl pants on and step beyond my bull crap. This is how I learned Lost In Me was not The Vow.

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