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Be My Guest – Wine Pairing for the Blood Vine Series by Amber Belldene


Wine Pairing for the Blood Vine Series

By Amber Belldene

On our fancier dates nights, my husband and I love to go out to the restaurants in San Francisco that have those great prix fixe menus.  Three courses for $35, and for an extra $20, the wine pairing.  I like it because I would normally never order an appetizer, entree, dessert, and three half-glasses of wine.  And when he orders three different things, then we get to taste a lot from the menu. *Wanders off in a salivating reverie while recalling a particularly delicious salmon filet.*

And, I’m back! So, I thought it would be fun to give you my food and wine pairing for the Blood Vine series! Continue Reading

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He Said, She Said – Fictional Friends: Getting to Know the Dirt About Fallen Fourth Three! (Part 3)


I had a few weeks where I was dealing with some anonymous threats about posting what some people want to call ‘questionable’ information about the Fallen Crest King and Queen and the Second King… I would never make up this stuff and I think if you know these people you can clearly see for yourself the veracity of their character in these questionnaires so I have one thing to say to you haters, “Get fucked!”

I have done nothing at all wrong in befriending Sam, sending her a small getting-to-know-you email, wisely anticipating a the less than forthright answers from Sam, Logan and Mason and ensuring that my job be done by looking out for Sam and sending a Trojan horse that triggers a videostream directly from her laptop cam to a site that I can view. You–strangely, overreactionary–peeps blowing up my social media calling me a stalker are failing to realize that this stuff is available all over the internet. If it were really THAT illegal and THAT wrong someone would have written Facebook or Google and someone would have done something about it, like, right away. It’s still there so it’s okay to use it and I did it to show Sam, Logan and Mason in their home environment–you know just like those documentary people do ALL the time and no one EVER bitches when scientists go and live with people who eat other people or castrate women. No one ever looks at the documentarist as bad for what they are doing!

Give me a FREAKIN’ break!

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Makin’ The Love Monday – Changing His Game by Justine Elvira

Changing-His-Game-StrokeYou know all those things that girls and women with sand in their vaginas start yelling about not liking about books like this before you can say, ‘it’s really not like that’.

‘Porn? That guy is a slut.’

‘I don’t like books where there is cheating.’

‘It’s about the sex industry!’

I’m not here to argue with you. This book is just one of the ones that I loved most this year. Read it or don’t read it, you have sand in your crotch; I don’t care! This book is far better than all that silly crap you have been wibbly lipped, schmoozing about while being boozy over wine. It’s not worth it to me to convince you to read a fan-effin’-tastic book that has an INCREDIBLEFREAKINGSTORY that has spanked me twice and called me Sally, but then got it right and called me Ali. I know that there are just some dried up, sandy vaginas that wouldn’t know a good romance if it was strongly urged for them by a well informed book reviewer. I know no matter what I say you aren’t going to suck up your wrongly assumed preconceived notions to take the chance on it.

Sit back wino, and sip your Merlot. I’m sure you can find another Nicholas Sparks book that will be to your liking. He drops those like John Green drops facts, there will be something touching and monotonous in a few–I mean Nicholas Sparks is touching and monotonous, I find Mental Floss incredible titillating.

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Book It – In News Today – Game On! Collette West Reveals Wrapper for Next Kings Novel!

Collette West is releasing her third novel in the Kings Series, Game On, featuring the sexy pitching arm of Bruce “Jilly” Gillette and the woman who has held his heart for since he was a foolish teen, Ms. Hailey Halpert. I got a chance to beta this book for Collette and it’s a great story, I’m a sucker for the strong, tortured, silent type which made Jilly an instant book boy toy for me. Hailey is as lovable a heroine as Grey and Sasha; you will want to get this book ASAP! For now you should just drool all over this smexy cover. #CoverLover

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Weekend Pick Me Up – Twice the Growl by Milly Taiden

Twice The Growl by Milly TaidenWhat’s the one thing you can enjoy only by yourself and is better than chocolate?

This isn’t a trick question. There is only one thing better than chocolate that is a one rider per vehicle experience and that is Milly pRon-a-ture . I just made up that term, let’s see if we can get it in the next Oxford Dictionary edition.

Defintion: pRon-a-ture: writing which contains erotic themes or messages that surpasses those hot sexy times that can be found in most normal or common erotic novels.

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Book It – In News Today: Addison Moore Reveals More Sweet Lovin’ with Rock Candy Kisses

Addison Moore has revealed the cover for the newest in her 3:AM Kisses Series. Tipping into the life of rocker Blake Daniels, lead singer of 12 Deadly Sins, Addison Moore offers a challenging story with Rock Candy Kisses, when she pairs up the songbird with deaf heroine, Annie Edwards. While I’m sure this love story will burn and flame, I hope it also answers the question of whether or not deaf girls hear a sound when a playboy’s heartbreaks when he does any of the normal self destructive crap that ruins an otherwise really good thing.

This book is due to be released in Spring of 2015!

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Makin’ The Love Monday – Heavy Issues by Elle Aycart


Excuse me. I hate it when I understate things, let me try to properly express my happiness with this book. Purrrrrrrr, RAWWWWWWWR!

I read More Than Meets The Ink last summer and I only vaguely remembered it when I started to read this book. I quickly didn’t care if I did or didn’t read the first novel because only a few pages into Heavy Issues I found the sizzle level to be stellar. I no longer cared if I had senile dementia and if James and Tate had had a book, a TV show or a movie. Cole and Christy soon became all that I could handle. Talk about Alpha male? Yes, please! Let’s talk about Cole. I think I may have humped my pillow he was so freaking yummily, naughty, dirty talking, dirty thinking, dirty. I like dirty. The kind of dirty, no shower can ever get clean is the best sort of DIRTY. And Cole is so badly dirty, down to his moleculars dirty, that I would like to start a Cole Bowen Cloning Facility Fund on Kickstarter because there are a good amount of us that need him and the rest of you need to donate or GTFO! I don’t think he could be any freaking hotter without burning away the sun itself. Continue Reading

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Book It – In News Today: Tijan Posts Mason POV Teaser For Fans

 Book It - In News Today: Tijan Gives FALLEN FOURTH DOWN TEASER!

This morning, September 5th, Tijan released another peek of Fallen Fourth Down on her Facebook Author page, Tijan Books. The Fallen Crest Series is a Tijanette favorite and this book is long awaited. The release of Fallen Fourth Down is promised to be later this month and Tijan is just warming up her loving followers and loyal fans with these snippets to get them prepared for the real thing. Thanks, Tijan, your yummy samplings are making me hungry for the promised Fallen Crest New Release Celebratory Dinner! Continue Reading