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Blog Tour: Encampment by Shalana Battles

Encampment by Shalana Battles
Encampment by Shalana Battles
Encampment by Shalana Battles

Title: Encampment
Author: Shalana Battles
Genre: Fantasy, YA
Release Date: TBA


Madeleine is a witch.

A fact that should have been more helpful when she woke up shackled to a wall with no idea how she got there.

Fourteen days later, she’s released from the dark cave into Encampment, a prison full of captured witches forced to fight one another until they’re sold to the highest bidder.

With spells controlling every inch, Madeleine can’t tell where reality begins.

Can the son of her captor be trusted?

Will she be brave enough to save the others?

Is there any way out alive?

Madeleine is only certain of one thing, death would be better than an enslaved life.

Magic isn’t always beautiful.

Hope doesn’t ensure happiness.

Love doesn’t always win.

Welcome to Encampment.

About Author:

Shalana Battles
Shalana Battles

Shalana Battles is a YA/Adult writer who tells stories about love…sometimes with witches and ghosts. Her debut novel, SOUL JUMPER is coming out October, 6, 2020. Be the first to hear about upcoming projects and book updates by signing up for her newsletter below!

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