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Book Blitz: Hockey Hunk by Kat Obie

Hockey Hunk by Kat Obie
Hockey Hunk by Kat Obie
Hockey Hunk by Kat Obie

Title: Hockey Hunk (Loving the Puckers, #4)
Author: Kat Obie
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date:
10 March 2021


Out on the ice, the season’s going great, but in the locker room the pranks are getting out of hand. It was time for me to remind everyone not to mess with me— so I came up with a prank the team, and my best friend, would never forget.

Renee Weber is my best friend’s sister. And like me, she’s also ready to teach her brother a lesson. Together, we work out the ultimate April Fool’s prank— telling everyone that Renee is having my baby.

Our plan works perfectly, except for the part where I fall for Little Weber.
What’s the worst that could happen? Either lose my best friend or Renee. Quite frankly, I don’t know which one is worse.

It’s not in my DNA to lose so I’ll have to come up with something big. I’ll pull out a win one way or another.

Hockey Hunk is your best friend’s sister romance filled with sexy hockey players where a fake pregnancy prank goes horribly awry— or did it go perfectly?

Grab the fourth novella in the Loving the Puckers series for hockey-filled dreams tonight.

Hockey Hunk by Kat Obie
Hockey Hunk by Kat Obie
Hockey Hunk by Kat Obie
Hockey Hunk by Kat Obie

Hockey Hunk Excerpt:

I was lounging on my sofa and reading a book when I heard my phone go off. It was weird to see Matt Shoresy’s name pop up on my phone. He was my brother’s best friend. We’d chatted a few times since my last trip to visit Colton. Anytime he called, I would think the worst, like my brother was at the hospital, even though most of the time he was just checking in with me.

My interest piqued when he asked for a favor. “What’s the favor?”

“So, your brother and Lager have been relentless with the pranks lately and I want payback.”

I laughed. Colton had always been a bit of a prankster in the locker room at school. Since Lager joined the team, Colton had increased his pranks because he had a partner in crime. “How big are you talking about?”

“Fake pregnancy big.”

I was so glad that I wasn’t drinking anything at that moment, although I still choked on my saliva. Once I could form a cohesive thought, I asked, “Seriously? A fake pregnancy?”

“Yup.” He was so calm about the idea. This was going to have consequences. They were best friends, and there was no way Colton would be cool with the idea of me sleeping with Shoresy. If he hadn’t been my brother’s friend, I might have tried to make a move on him since he was totally my type.

“Okay, what’s the plan? Besides, why do you want to do something this big? What has Colton done to deserve this?” I was all questions at this point, but I had to stop asking them so he could answer.

“Mainly things are adding up. He and Lager thought it was hysterical to hide my pants and nail my favorite sneakers to my stall earlier today. So, I want to make sure those two won’t ever mess with me again, and this was my first idea. Please tell me you’ll do it.”

I could see that adding up after a while. The idea was huge, but what did he want from me? “It’s not exactly easy to fake a pregnancy.”

“Sure it is. We all got super drunk when you came over for All-Star break. Webs passed out before we did. Easy to claim we did something after we put him to bed. All I need you to do is come into town proclaiming that you’re pregnant. Then we play it from there.”

Hockey Hunk by Kat Obie
Hockey Hunk by Kat Obie

About Kat Obie:

Kat Obie
Kat Obie

Kat Obie is a passionate hockey fan. She plays, she watches, she dreams of it so she decided to start writing hockey romances.

Connect with Kat Obie:

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