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Book Review: Demon Born by C.L. Coffey

Demon Born by CL Coffey
Demon Born by CL Coffey
Demon Born by CL Coffey

Title: Demon Born (Hellfire Academy #1)
Author: C.L. Coffey
Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy,
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

OMG, and by that, I mean Oh. My. Gabriel. I love when authors blaspheme and make the divine sexy and delicious. Good job C.L. Coffey, you sinner.

Kennedy is plucking her way through every goodness-challenged day. Phoenix is only the last stop in a long line of cities she and her mom have lived in, on the run from her mom’s monster plagued schizo-mind. It’s hot there, she has two jobs, and people suck. 

But wait, there is more, a guy with a sword has just shown up. He has sexy green eyes and a psychotic need to off her. The dude attacked her on her way home, and she got hit by a car—a rough day at the office. 

Of course, she doesn’t expect the same guy to abduct her in Las Vegas, then tells her that he’s Gabriel, an Archangel. And that he has decided not to kill her, but instead send her to the most high schoolish college EVAH! Yeah, Gabriel is a complicated Archangel.

Kennedy, on the other hand, not so much. She has one job–guard her charge. Sadly he’s a douche she wants to smack into next Tuesday. 

I loved this. It was tons of fun, and many existential conundrums come to light in this book. When someone earns their wings, why do they have to leave their own body and take on another? The author’s concept. Why are demons impossible? If angels think there are parts of the bible that are myths, what should humans take as God’s word? 

And the whole earning wings thing… if you have to leave your body, is that fortunate for Tyrone? Or is it sad for the rest of us who lose part of our identity?



And Gabriel now? 

OMG already. 

Look at this. I’m at the end of my review, and I’m not even speaking in complete sentences. I recommend this new series. I really loved the ending. I LOVED the cliffhanger! You need to be a particular sort of demented to say something of that nature.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary advance copy of this book.

Demon Born by CL Coffey
Demon Born by CL Coffey

About C.L. Coffey:

C. L. Coffey currently lives in the middle of the boonies in East Yorkshire where she is the live-in servant of two cats and two Bengals (if you’ve ever known a Bengal, you will know why these are listed separately).

In between managing the day job, being a nightclub DJ, and trying to work out what (and how) the Bengals have broken the next thing in the house, C. L. Coffey tries to transcribe as many stories of the angels and archangels as she can.

Her “past lives” have included being a backup dancer for a pop idol, being in his music video, and training with the Manchester United Football Academy. Now, her free time, when not taken up with writing, is largely spent listening to KPop. C. L. Coffey is addicted to Cherry Pepsi Max, seaweed, and dark chocolate Reese’s Pieces.

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