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Word Slinger Project: ApollyCon Interview with S.J. West

I had the chance to interview S.J. West at ApollyCon 2019. Most of the audio reviews were pretty straightforward and I was happy with how they turned out but this interview in particular was one for which I wish I had video. S.J. West’s facial expressions sold her answers and I cheated you out of the better part of my Yay or No interview with her because it is only audio. I promise that if I ever get the chance to rectify this in the future I will!

Ali: Introduce yourself.
S.J.: My name is S.J. West. I write Paranormal Romance.

Ali: Which book should we buy first?
S.J.: Probably Cursed, The Watcher’s Trilogy, book 1.
Ali: I have it! I was just explaining that I have it downloaded right now on my Kindle, and it was one of the ones I was going to read while I was here.
S.J.: I hope you enjoy it.

Ali: So, Breakfast?
S.J.: Uhh, eggs and bacon.

Ali: [laughing]. Yay or Nay!
S.J.: Oh! [laughing] Yay!

Ali: Disney Parks?
S.J.: Ahh! [laughs] Animal Kingdom. Oh wait, yay or nay.

Ali: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You are bad at this! [laughing]
S.J.: I know, but I’m answering your questions. [laughing]

Ali: Reverse Harem, yes or no?
S.J.: No.

Ali: Pizza?
S.J.: YES!

Ali: Nerds?
S.J.: Ahh, sorta.

Ali: Hockey?
S.J.: No.

Ali: Wednesdays?
S.J.: Yes.

Ali: Florida?
S.J.: Yes.

Ali: Post office?
S.J.: No.

Ali: The word ‘moist’?
S.J.: No.

Ali: Hot peppers?
S.J.: No.

Ali: February?
S.J.: Yes.

Ali: Hashtags?
S.J.: Yeah.

Ali: Emojis?
S.J.: Yes.

Ali: Birthdays?
S.J.: Yes.

Ali: Dog eared pages?
S.J.: No.

Ali: Strawberries?
S.J.: Yes.

Ali: Mornings?
S.J.: Yes.

Ali: Tacos
S.J.: Yes.

Ali: Zombies?
S.J.: Yes.

Ali: Making lists?
S.J.: Yes.

Ali: Being late?
S.J.: NO!

Ali: Bad boys?
S.J.: Sometimes.

Ali: Rainy days?

S.J.: Yes.
Ali: Mental Health Days?

S.J.: Yes.
Ali: Yellow street lights?

S.J.: Yea—s.
Ali: Mushrooms

S.J.: Yes.
Ali: Cowboys?

S.J.: Yes.
Ali: Chocolate?

S.J.: Yes. Yes. Yes.
Ali: Movie credits?

S.J.: Eh. No.
Ali: Thank you very much.

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