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Giveaway: S.J. West This or That Book Giveaway

I had a great time interviewing S.J. West at ApollyCon 2019. She kindly offered to do a giveaway for Have Coffee Need Books. You can win a signed copy of either Cursed or Cin D’Rella and the Water of Life. This giveaway goes from 04/28/2019 to 05/15/2018 but don’t wait, enter today!

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Book It, Indie Word Slinger

Word Slinger Project: ApollyCon Interview with S.J. West

I had the chance to interview S.J. West at ApollyCon 2019. Most of the audio reviews were pretty straightforward and I was happy with how they turned out but this interview in particular was one for which I wish I had video. S.J. West’s facial expressions sold her answers and I cheated you out of the better part of my Yay or No interview with her because it is only audio. I promise that if I ever get the chance to rectify this in the future I will!

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