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Book It – In News Today: Harlequin Reader Service Likes Us!

BookIt-Harlequin2Back in November I got a surprising email that served to inflate an almost impossibly large bloggerly ego. I used to get a plethora of email requesting me to read this, do that, post info, kiss babies and enlarge my penis. Often I had blog tour instructions telling me to: put my right arm straight in front of me with my palm down, bring my left arm straight out in front of me, also with my palm down. Flip my right hand over. Flip my left hand over. Touch my left shoulder with my right hand. Touch my right shoulder with my left hand. Slide my hands up under my hair and over my head. Put my right hand on my left hip. That should be followed by my left hand to my right hip. Then put my hand on my big booty… yeah, I’m sure some of you can see that some tours felt like I was doing  la Macarena.

So when I got this email and it said all these really freaking nice things that I say to myself everyday–both when I first wake up and then before I go to bed–I was completely blown away that someone outside of my psychosis liked my blog as much as me and my mom did! Let’s play Ms. Ali Cat’ show and tell!


Wonderful Email from Carleigh Lewis at Harlequin Reader Service:


My name is Carleigh and I work for Harlequin. I do many things here, but most importantly in this case, I am the face behind the Harlequin Reader Service blog (

This company blog features various interactive giveaways for our readers, as well as your normal author interview, recipes and pet stories.

I’m doing a January feature of the top 5 book review blogs, and yours has made it on my list. What my post will consist of is: why we love your blog (design, writing style, diversity of genre reviews etc.), and I will also have a list of questions for you to answer (please see below), that will be featured on the blog post as well.

In order to include you in this post, I need you to answer the following questions below. If you are able to do this, then please let me know before December 10th, 2014. The post would go up January 14th – but we need time to put everything together.

I’m also requesting a post from you. You don’t have to do a post, but I would love to see what you think of our blog, and perhaps you to send me a few questions to answer.

Here are the questions:

  1. You’re a well-known blogger, in the reading world. Why did you originally decide to start blogging, and why books?
  2. If you had to list 3 of your favorite books you’ve read this year, what would they be? (Include links to your reviews if you have them).
  3. Out of all the Harlequin books you’ve read, which was your favorite, and why?
  4. What’s your favorite part about doing author interviews?
  5. If you could switch your blog to any other idea (other than book reviews) what would you do?
  6. What is your absolute favorite genre of book and why?
  7. How did you come up with the title of your blog and your slogan “Saving the world…one book at a time. Meow. Meow. Meow. RAWR”.

Thank you for reviewing this e-mail. Please let me know either way if you’d like to be part of this.

Kindest regards,


That lead to me answering some questions from Carleigh Lewis and that interview can be found by checking out the Reader Service at Harlequin Romance. It’s a little surreal for me to have my blog mentioned on a reader service blog of a subscription book club that I began reading when I was in my tweens! I scarily can say that we are talking THIRTY years ago! So I was humbled, flattered, elated, full-up on myself, and a little scared that someone had played the ultimate Punkd!. That I would have this opportunity to have ALL THE THINGS INBETWEEN on Harlequin’s Reader Service Blog… really? Kinda amazekittens and weirdness.

And then I sat down to answer the first question and realized that just like back when I talked to people about books in real life… I could not shut up. Carleigh’s seven questions lead me to write a dissertation on the history of fine Harlequin authors, Indie authors of this past year, my inability to know how to count to the number three, all while spinning yarns about back in the day. I am going to be that old woman in the rest home everyone avoids because I won’t shut up! But I can tell you that I know books! Ask me to recommend you something–I dare you! I double dog dare you.

A direct link to the interview for you who want to check me out is right here: Blog Tour: Books! Books! Books!


Ask Carleigh Lewis:

Carleigh returned the favor and allowed me to ask her a few questions about Harlequin’s Reader Service and I greatly appreciate her time; here are her responses!

When I got my first Harlequin Book Subscription it was 1988. I remember how Bonus Bucks worked back then, how do they work now, and if my mom has a shoebox full of these in a closet somewhere, is there trade in value? =)

Great question! The way Bonus Bucks works now is after you have subscribed to a series, in each mailing, you will receive one or two bonus bucks. These bonus bucks are redeemable for books and small gifts from our Bonus Bucks catalog which we update every 3 months! We also have included a new option to the Bonus Bucks which consists of ONLINE specials! For more on Bonus Bucks I highly suggest checking out the section on Reader Service. Anyways, in our bonus bucks catalog / online you’ll see items that you can redeem with your bonus bucks at different values. It generally varies between 4-6 bonus bucks, but some gifts are worth more! All you have to do is send in the correct amount of Bonus Bucks with your shipping dollars, and you will be sent your books/gifts. In regards to your question about old Bonus Bucks, unfortunately bonus bucks do expire (however they last awhile – approx. 2 years). The expiration date is on the Bonus Bucks!

What is the most popular feature on the Reader Service Blog? Why do you think people react so well to it?

The most popular feature on the Reader Service blog is the Reader’s Nook. I feel as though people react so well to this section because we post interactive posts, where readers of our blog can actually participate in, instead of just entering their e-mail and winning something like most blogs. A lot of our posts revolve around a theme such as our Bachelorette Post, Halloween Clue Game, and our Holiday Hunt! We also post anything to do with our authors and/or books in this section including amazing interviews with our award winning authors!

I see that a lot of your features lack comments, what do you use to keep your finger on the pulse of your readership onsite? How do you determine what you feature and who you feature?

Unfortunately, you’re right we do not have a lot of comments unless we post a game and/or contest. I think readers may just enjoy reading our interviews, rather than asking more questions. I do try and ask our authors as many questions as possible, so as not to leave any material out. We always encourage readers to leave comments though. Furthermore, when planning the blog – we determine what is featured through brainstorm meetings. The Reader Service team gets together from time to time to discuss what author we’d like to feature, during what month, and what we would like to focus on. The same goes with our other posts in lifestyle/pet circle/news.

Harlequin is iconic in the world of romance writing and the company has proved to it’s readership that it can be relied upon not only to offer the best of the traditional Harlequin Romances but by broadening it’s offering to include Suspense, Paranormal, Historical, Christian, Teen and other subgenres.

Has the Reader Service or Harlequin ever done a historical look at Harlequin Enterprises Ltd?

Unfortunately, I cannot answer this question – as I do not know the appropriate answer.

Is that something that the blog could ever do in a manageable manner? Would the Reader Service want to do that?

Our blog is always looking at ways of looking at historical data from the past, to improve our blog for the future, as is Reader Service.

Thanks so much for you time, Carleigh!


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