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Book It – In News Today: Tijan Releases New Sustain Teaser

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Tijan has released another teaser for her third Broken and Screwed novel, Sustain. This book is the story of Brielle Masterson and lead singer of Sustain, Luke. Tijan has been releasing teasers for the upcoming novel on her Facebook page for a few months now while she been preparing for the release of the novel which has not been determined yet.


Sustain hit global stardom. They’ve been gone a year for a worldwide tour, but they need a vacation so they’re coming home for two weeks. When they come home, it’s not the break they thought they were going to get. Old problems rise up again. Old wounds are reopened. Denied lust can’t be repressed. And one will sink to a new low, threatening everything they’ve worked towards. How do I know this? Because I used to be one of them. I’m a sister. I’m a cousin. I’m a friend and I am still in love with one of them.


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Sustain Teaser:

I’d been tense from watching Bri on stage and it hadn’t lessened as we ran through the woods, but hearing the guys’ remarks about her stretched my last nerve too thin. Growing up with an abusive father taught me to keep my mouth shut and my emotions regulated. I was losing that battle now. My eyes narrowed and I waited for the fourth player to make another comment. I didn’t care how big they were. The guy was going to get punched.
Gunn had been watching me. He moved close and said under his breath, “If it happens, I’ll do it.”
“Because we need your pretty face for the fans.”
I looked up to see if he was serious. He was. Then he grinned down at me. “Kidding. If you have a busted face, I think Priss would piss her pants from excitement.”
Braden had overheard and he laughed. “No shit. That’d be leaked to the gossip shows in two seconds flat. I swear she has the cell phone for that one guy who runs TBZ? What’s that show?”
The football players had gone ahead, but stopped and waited for us. The third one asked, “What’s going on?”
“Nothing.” I shoved past him. Seeing the road through the trees, I saw the headlights for Braden’s car at the same time. When we cleared the trees and headed up the ditch, all of us panned out and walked in one line for the car.
When we got there, Bri opened her door and leaned against the car.
I fought to hold back a grin. Even now, with her hair whipping behind her face and her hand positioned on one hip, she was the picture of fierce and alluring at the same time. Her shirt had been tugged to the side so her black bra was showing. She either didn’t know or she didn’t care. Her lips were pressed together in a scowl, but she was hot.
The fourth player muttered under his breath, “Damn.”
His buddy grunted in agreement.
I felt the third one glance at me, but ignored him. As we drew closer, Bri moved her head, taking in the whole line of guys. Then her eyes found mine and I sucked in my breath. Every goddamn time, it was the same affect. She seared me with one look. It was the same from her touch. I was always burned by it and thinking of it, remembering our last time in my house, my mouth went dry. My hunger for her took over and I reached for her without realizing it. My hand took hold of her arm and she gasped softly, but came as I pulled her next to me. Wrapping my arms around her waist, I nuzzled into her hair and took hold of her left hip. My fingers spread out and I slipped them underneath her shirt and jeans. She stiffened in my hold for a moment, then the fight left her and her arms wrapped around me. She felt fragile in my arms and I shook, trembling from the need to be with her again.
As if sensing my inner turmoil, she pressed a soft kiss to the underside of my jaw before moving away from me. Then she sneered at the guys. “There is no way this little car can fit all of you hulks.”
The guys laughed and one mentioned, “We can wait here. A bunch of our buddies are coming. They can pick us up.”
I didn’t give a damn. I should’ve thanked them for saving us from the chaos and I heard Gunn and Braden saying exactly that, but I was only watching Brielle. My hand was still on her hip and I was fighting myself from pulling her back against me. She was mine. No one else’s. It was time she accepted that. Judging by the tension in her body and how she kept darting sideways glances at me, she knew we needed to talk.
We needed to do more than that. The year had been too fucking long.
Then the guys were going and Gunn and Braden had gotten into the car. The doors were shut and we were alone. I felt like I could breathe again.
She asked, her voice was hoarse, “What were you guys doing there?”
She wouldn’t look at me anymore so I reached up and touched her face gently. I turned those dark eyes to me. There was so much there. Fear, caution, excitement, warmth, and another expression I couldn’t place. No, I did. She was still haunted.
I was going to change that. I was going to find out what was haunting her and I was going to make it go away. I made that promise to myself right then, but I said to her, “We came to see you.”
“Why?” She snorted. “At a house party? Are you nuts or are you just not in touch with how huge you guys have gotten?”
I flashed her a grin and slipped a finger through a loop on her jeans. I tugged her into me. She came. Her hand rested on my chest. When she didn’t push away, I took a deep breath. She gasped silently as my chest lifted under her hand, as if she gave me life. Then her tongue darted out, licking her lips and her hips turned towards me. We were almost pressing completely against each other.
Braden. Gunn. They were in the car. I had to remember that. Braden. Her brother.
I drew in another breath, this one ragged and cupped the side of her face.
“Luke,” she whispered, closing her eyes and turning into my touch.
“We need to talk.”


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Tijan’s Books:

Broken and Screwed by Tijan

Broken and Screwed Synopsis:

Alexandra’s older brother died the night he graduated. That day changed everything for her. No longer was she the party girl. No longer did she care about being popular and no longer was her family the happy unit she always thought existed. The only person who could help her heal is the same person who loved her brother as much as she did, his best friend. She only hopes to keep her entire heart from breaking when Jesse will move on, and she knows he will.

After Ethan died, Jesse excelled at basketball, partying, and girls. He used it all to turn his emotions off, but the irony was that Alex was the only person who could do that for him. She helped him forget, but she was the one person he shouldn’t be with because the secrets he knows could shatter everything. They could shatter her.


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Broken and Screwed 2 by TijanBroken and Screwed 2 Synopsis:

New school. New friendships. New life.

Not so much.

Alexandra is pissed about her parents abandoning her. She’s beyond pissed that her friends did the same. She’s enraged because things are unclear about her brother’s death now. So her first stop is at Jesse’s house to demand answers. She wants to know why her brother was friends with the criminal crowd before he died and she knows he holds the answers. But when she sees him, she doesn’t get the answers she expected. Instead, she finds out that their chemistry never faded and soon heats up again!

Some habits die hard. Soon Jesse and Alex are back to their ways of sneaking around. He’s a near-celebrity at school and she doesn’t want to deal with the backlash of being his girlfriend. Alex is tired of being hurt so she’s learned the lesson not to confide and lean on others. However, she can’t seem to help herself when it comes to Jesse Hunt. The big question isn’t if she will survive if their relationship goes public, it’s if she will survive when the real truths about her family and brother come out? Or when she learns that Jesse knows more than what he’s told her?


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