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Feeling Peckish – Hellsong by Alexandra Christian

Hellsong - Alexandra ChristianHow many times do I have to say that the Crescent City is one of my sweet spots? I saw the synopsis for this book before I saw the cover and the catcher line for me was, “If she chooses right, she’ll find Heaven in the arms of an angel. If she chooses wrong, all Hell will be let loose on Earth.” –Now me, I was sort of like… why can’t the girl ever get lucky and find Heaven in the arms of the demon? But then I saw the book cover and thought to myself, “Well crap, if all angels looked like sin more girls would be staying away from bad boys.”

And trust me baby… this angel in Hellsong, he is all sorts of sinful.

Saraqael has been exiled to earth and has been trying to earn his way back in to Heaven for thousands of years. When he was an Archangel he remained loyal to God and he stripped his closest brother of his wings when Dantalion rebelled against the creation of humans and planned to destroy them. The constant service amongst mortals has weighed so heavily one Saragael’s shoulders for so long that even though he does the job he is meant to do, he grows more and more distant in his faith each day.

After a hurricane struck New Orleans a few years ago Theo woke up to find herself without any memories of her past and has been trying to build a new life on what she feels is shadows and phantoms. When she meets a stranger in the rain on her way home one night he leaves her unsettled at first but when he turns up at her work, Tal’s attention wins her over. But on their date she is whisked away by another stranger who is just as handsome and sexy and just saved her from a failed mugging while she was waiting for Tal. Now two powerful, intense and beautiful men desire her and want something from her. But soon she finds that one of them might just be looking to use her against the other.

This was a great novella. A good background as to why the animosity exists between Saraqael and Dantalion. You have a good amount of paranormal going on from the angle of it being New Orleans and the Bayou people being close by–Alexandra Christian wisely weaves mysticism and religion to create an incredible tapestry of beliefs.

As for recommendations–I fear that I am going to have to withhold my recs on this one because my love for the Big Easy would have me listing every Paranormal Romance that has ever taken place in New Orleans. My best suggestion for you is that you type New Orleans Romance into Amazon. =)

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