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Tongue Wagger – Dark Past by Jennifer Leeland

Dark Past by Jennifer LeelandI had some reservations about a hero named “Bud” but once Jennifer Leeland threw some restraints into the story and made him talk in a commanding voice, I no longer cared what his name was. Jennifer knocked this Space Smut out of the Galaxy and I have no shame in the fact that I feel the need to call her Mistress from now on.

Dark Past is an Action-Adventure-Sci-fi-Thriller-Suspense-Erotic-Fetish-Romance. Mistress Leeland begins her fascinating space tale on the former home planet of hero, Bud Masterson, Teran Four. It had once been the legacy of his people and he had been born there with the promise that he would one day rule the people of Teran Four until he was betrayed and then imprisoned there. The woman he loved, the woman meant to be his, had acted against him and against his family. Ten long years later he has returned to acquire the key to the downfall of that same ex-lover, Julianna, and Stavos Davida the man who currently controls Teran Four.

Mistress Leeland has created an incredibly flawed hero who is blinded by his bitterness and anger, easily misled and manipulated because of it. The machinations that are going on underneath all of the characters are so subtle that you are never actually sure who is controlling whom and just what person is a key figure or a pawn. There are so many levels to this story that you often get caught up in one storyline and get your feet knocked out from under you by something unexpected from somewhere else.

Julianna has remained on Teran Four as a well trusted captive. She has remained true to the people of Teran Four by being a willing victim of Davida. The years with the cruel man have left her scarred in outwardly and have stripped her of things most costly. She has stood strong and proud knowing that she would avenge the sins he has committed and that she would be the instrument that would exact justice. Of all the burdens she has carried, the truth of what happened when Bud was taken and his family murdered sits heaviest in her heart. A truth he would deny her a moment to even reveal.

When the poop hits the litter pan in this story, holy spaceships, Spock! Once things go from rolling by to boom-pow, you will be so deep in the story that you will not be able to put the book down. I do recommend that you take the time to read Dark Revenge first because I didn’t know it was the first book in the series and I was often wondering if I was in the middle of a storyline that I had missed.

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Dark Revenge - Jennifer Leeland

Dark Revenge Synopsis:

“I like my sex rough and my women restrained.”

So declares Alex’s captor, shortly after they’re mated in a ritual of vengeance. Though her body lustfully yields to her new mate’s dominant will, her mind is only too aware of the tumultuous past they share. She and Tory fought side by side in the military…until he was exiled for treason, an accusation leveled and proven by Alex’s own brother.

Tory is determined to take revenge on the family who falsely accused him…and to win back the woman he’s always loved. If he can’t win her heart, though, he’ll settle for her body—preferably tied up, flogged and begging for him. When they find themselves in the middle of a brewing civil war, they have to learn to trust each other with more than just their bodies. If they can’t, humanity itself may pay the price.

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