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Feeling Peckish – Finding Autumn by Beth Michele

Finding Autumn by Beth MicheleThis was a naughty little scamper through the horny end of the park if I have ever read one. Don’t mistake me, I enjoyed my lascivious stroll that takes off almost as soon as you walk through the park’s gate. This is the book you will want to read when your man goes out of town. Actually, that is where Finding Autumn begins… when Olivia Redmund A.K.A Autumn Winters takes a trip out of town.

Olivia is an author of Erotica and her pen name is Autumn Winters. When she finds she is jealous of her own fictional characters for having better sex lives than she has, she decides to rewrite her own image for a weekend seminar in Boston. She dresses a little different than normal and on her way to catch the train fate steps in to hand her her own romantic hero for an impromptu flirtation. If only the “bump” into him didn’t leave her bag contents all over the ground letting him get the money shot of her B.O.B.  on the sidewalk before leaving her with the empty promise of, “I’m sure I could put it to good use.” Olivia thinks that maybe this trip to Boston will be something worth writing about… and she would be right.

Beth Michele reintroduces the stranger from the vibrator incident once Olivia is on the train to Boston and Olivia and Hunter burned up my Kindle pages for the next something something percent of the book–until the boy loses girl part of the story happens. I am pretty sure that Ms. Michele quite possible rented sun spots to add the extra heat to these sexy parts and spun them in an atomic explosion floss to create one of the world’s greatest novella inferno of sexual frenzy page sizzle turners in my many months and months of sexy reading enjoyment. This is some chemistry that you should not try at home without the instruction of a professional.

Thankfully the sextopia does not spill over to an orgasmic and pointless end that makes you feel cheap and tawdry. There is a substantial crux that adds the wrench into the works and we get a brother introduced to the mix to add a bit of humor and lessen the heavy breathing and angsty, “He blew my mind and lied to me just like I lied to him, what a bastard!” part of the story. Since we all know that really great orgasms, deceit and expensive meals all can be sourced back to a dick with ears.

I really did like this book even though I did have reservations at the start about the steep drop off into the bow-chick-a-wow-wow. I had a moment where I wondered if I was waiting for the co-ed or plumber to show and the cheesy music to cue from listening to Hunter’s dirty talk. He is an accomplished put your tongue where you mouth is guy. The narrative does catch up with the goody bag after a little while. Sometimes you have to find out the name of the guy the morning after because you just couldn’t stop the night before. It is that sort of book.

You will like this book if you liked Erotic Images by Missy Jane or Heavy Issues by Elle Aycart.

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