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suddenheat_msrI’ve been reading a whole lot of Ellora’s Cave books lately since I invited EC authors to do Making Love 101 with me. Denise A. Agnew was one of the authors who offered me a review copy of her book. She also stepped up to do an interview about her novella which was a really good read since it fulfilled my need for a Marine Soldier fix. I think everyone occasionally needs a little military man love story now and again. This novella was all kinds of goodness.

Sudden Heat is part of a series, Love Under Fire, that is very unique in that Denise is telling the story of three different couples at one time. Three brothers with three best friends during one public shooting. The first book centers around Melanie Falconer and Matt Frasier who were brought together for their friends wedding. All six–Matt and his brothers and Melanie and her friends arrive at the mall where the shooting takes place to get the personalized gift for the couple. When the poop hits the kitty, and the action in this book takes off almost from the word “GO”, Matt goes into warrior-mode and his first thought is to keep Melanie safe at all costs.

There is a whole lot of mental hang-ups going on in this story, because in a story like this that is part of the recipe. You put in hot Armed Forces Sex-on-a-Stick, a heiny full of action, a cup of blood pulsing thrills, 2/3 cup threat of death, a bit of sugar, a half a stick of gossip, a quart of mind blowing sex, and then you bake it all in hang-ups. Melanie is on the side of ‘No effin’ way’ of having anything more of a fling with Matt and he is on the side of ‘eff her on every surface’ for a long time commitment. These two obviously aren’t reading the same self help manual; for a lot of the book Melanie is singing that REO Speedwagon song, ‘I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore’, and no matter how low she is whispering the tune everyone else seems to hear it but her.

The combination of Matt and Melanie’s story with the interaction of the other couples makes it a very intriguing tale. You see clips of how the other two friends are also fighting their feelings or giving into them all the while Patrick and Danelle–the friends they had all come to see married veiw the relationships between the Frasier men and the heroines.

Sudden Heat had me at ‘Hello’, not that I’m sure there was one, I might mean that as a metaphorical or a figurative ‘Hello’. This is a great book if you like The Baby Bargain by Jennifer Apodaca ot In Bed with Mr. Wrong by Katee Robert.

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