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seedsoflove_msr Berengaria Brown was very kind to submit to being one of my interviewees for my February Making Love 101 Special–a little chaos I arranged for romance authors to share how they CREATE love. I approached my Ellora’s Cave pal Laura for victims… I mean volunteers and these ladies have been incredible! I deeply appreciate the support from each of them. Berengaria is my first review with her title: Seeds of Love.

This is my first Feeling Peckish review and it’s specifically for novella and short stories… when you need a delicious literary snack. Seeds of Love should whet your thirst for a little Menage Romance with a small touch of Fae Paranormal. Hyacinthe is the center of a love trifecta; she loves and desperately needs Inigo and Beverley and they both love her. When I say she needs them, they actually fulfill a part of her Fae nature that no one else ever has–the caveat is they don’t know about that Fae nature. She feels like she is already doing enough just asking her strictly lesbian girlfriend to join a threesome with a male, adding an admission that she isn’t really all human might be too much. But then her wings sort of pop out in a happy moment. Damn wings!

I think the thing I enjoyed most about this story was that everyone didn’t just happily fall into step. I liked the second guessing and the psychological hang ups. I loved Beverley being insecure and selfish and feeling betrayed. I thought it was great that Inigo felt protective of her and saw the relationship full of possibility. If anything drove me insane it was that Hyacinthe was so completely two dimensional in comparison. I sort of wanted Beverley and Inigo to drag something substantial from her. She just felt very superficial.

A couple of years ago back when LiveJournal was a thing my friends used to have a journal specifically for writing stories and this quite possibly could have been one of the short stories I would have found on it. It’s a quick nibble that you could read on your lunch break or the bus or by the pool or while trying to pretend it’s not -7ºF outside. I have also read Seducing Susannah and Enslaved by Berengaria and Seducing Susannah is also a nice nibble. Enslaved is probably a light meal. But she has a poop ton of books… you could go to Amazon and keep inserting $2.99 into the big book slot machine and fill up your plate until you had a five course meal.

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