Tongue Wagger – Unintentional Virgin by A.J. Bennett

VirginThis is a book that I purchased a few months ago and began reading and then set aside because I felt it was very silly initially. For the month of January I put all of the books I had began reading and stopped for whatever assorted reasons, into my January TBR shelf to finish off. Surprisingly, I really loved this novel.

Unintentional Virgin by A.J. Bennett begins with heroine, Karma Points–she is very aware her name is ridiculous, going to a bar with the sole purpose of unloading her V-card. After surveying the potentials she picks out bar jockey, Jax to be the man to do the deed. He’s not really into one nightstands but Karma is so sinfully hot that he is willing to make the exception. All is well on both sides of this endeavor until Jax has her all super nak’s on his bed and she tells him how happy he’s going to be the one that is her first–which no guy ever gets the happies to hear, regardless of what romance novels might tell you. Brakes are on and Jax is back paddling so quickly that whiplash is a serious concern and time travel is quite possible. When Karma unloads her intention to rid herself of her virginity by any means possible Jax makes a deal with her that makes her get some joy. For the next three weeks she will spend quality time with Jax getting to know him and if she still feels the need to be one of the hymeneally released he will rock her world. After all his mother raised him better than to take advantage of an innocent woman.

Over the next weeks though Jax and Karma spend their days checking off items on a bucket list that includes adrenaline junky activities and end up bonding through intimacy brought on vulnerability brought on by finding strength at your most weakest moments (i.e. pee peeing yourself while you are jumping from planes and the love of wedgies you never find relief from after bungee jumping). By the time three weeks has past neither is sure what end is up or if they are in love or if it’s just the rush of the moment.

The depth that comes later in this story is really worth sticking through the initial shallow water of the beginning. I really began to love the depth of and dimensions all the characters showed, that includes that of Karma’s fathers (her dads are gay) who both reminded me of Alex P. Keaton’s dad mixed with Buffy’s mom. This is a really great new adult romance which I would recommend for readers who enjoyed The Sloan Brothers Series by Calia Read or even From Ashes by Molly McAdams.

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