Makin’ The Love Monday – His Wicked Game by Ember Casey

WickedI am wilting fast and I am so determined to get two Monday reviews written today. I have this schedule that I want to stick to this week because blog life has begun to get a little bit crazy. And my real life hero raids (he’s a wicked gamer) during the evenings and I have some time before impending body failure happens tonight and I am really praying to push through while I can. C’mon snake eyes. C’mon snake eyes.

His Wicked Games is one of those Amazon freebies I claimed on a book crawl. I need to stop doing book crawls. The hangover later on when I look on my Kindle and see fifteen new free Amazon books that all look awesome and sexy-readable is 50/50-I’m six ways to Sunday happy but wondering if I might have brought home one too many heroes. Then I look at my library which, I don’t joke, has reached over five hundred now from freebie book crawls, ARCs, review copies and purchased books. Moderation and impulse control are not in my vocabulary. And freebie, who is a great friend, often invites her friends–99¢, $1.99 and $2.99. Any of those girls are great for cocktails but when you go crazy and buy a couple of rounds for the entire pub with them, it adds up. 500. Books. Ridiculous.

When this tale began I was a little fearful it was about to be a Beauty and the Beast retelling and as much as I really love updated fairy tales, I wasn’t in the mood for one in the moment. Lily Frazer has tried every other means to get Calder Cunningham to fulfill his late father’s commitment to her family’s community center. All her attempts have received the same brush off, Calder’s dispassionate claim that he will not be resuming prior support of their art center. Lily, desperate to convince him otherwise, decides to beard the dragon at his lair and stalks him at his family estate. When she is refused entry and ignored she first flashes his security camera. When that doesn’t work, she tresspasses. When bodily apprehended by someone she assumes is security she demands to see Mr. Moneypockets, only to find it is Calder himself, presenting her the perfect opportunity to present her case.

From that point Mother Nature steps in to strand them at the remote estate and during this joint imprisonment a game is suggested: whoever can seduce the other to give into passion for the other first will claim their prize. If Lily wins he will pay the promised amount of support. Of course there is always a secret to be revealed to end the game just when it appears that the winner might be them both, that finds the game moot and all sore losers.

As the story picked up pace I began to be as intrigued as Lily in Calder and his mysterious persona as well as susceptible to his often most naughty seduction. As for Lily, she often had me on her side and then quickly drove me to want to kick her in the shin. I do have to admit that if I were in her position the constant feeling of manipulation and sense of being thrown off balance might also make me act like a mentally deficient boob.

This is great read for fans of enigmatic heroes. If you enjoy an air of mystery to your romance Calder is probably going to suck you right in. Although it is an NA novel, Falling For The Ghost of You by Nicole Christie might be another good book for you and The Marriage Trap by Jennifer Probst also interest you.

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