Makin’ The Love Monday – What The Bride Didn’t Know by Kelly Hunter

BrideHow odd… this is my Monday post and I’m writing it on Saturday night. I feel like such a cheat when I do this. But really… Ceci January doesn’t come out in January it comes out a month earlier. So really, I shouldn’t feel like I’m doing something devious by writing a review a few days early. It must be my religious upbringing causing me this over abundance of guilt. But not enough to stop me from bringing you the love for your Monday… even if it was prepackaged a few days early.

What the Bride Didn’t Know was a cute little action/adventure. This is one of those Harlequin books that has a crazy far-fetched premise and I had not read any of the West Family books that had come before this title, Flirting With Intent and Cracking With The Dating Code and it really would have helped to have read them first, so that is a word to the wise. But this was a shiny evening read gem.

The West Family have all been part of the ASIS-Australian Secret Intelligence Service (There is a joke in here because I once knew a New Zealander friend who was found of telling me all the intelligence in Oz was hidden). Trig, joined the ASIS when Jared and Lena did. He would basically follow her to the ends of the earth because he has been in love with her since they were all kids. The fact that nineteen months earlier Lena was severally hurt while the three of them were on a mission has sent Jared rogue and Lena to Istanbul following a lead that he may be in the region. Trig again follows Lena there–that whole to the ends of the earth thing. His intent is to see that she stays safe while on this goose chase, even if it means keeping her safe from herself. He couldn’t have foreseen her getting amnesia and thinking they were married and on their honeymoon. A state of affairs that sounded so good to him that he couldn’t help but keep up with it, but then it just got out of hand. It’s a dream come true for Trig–and his worst nightmare.

The novel was a really charming and fun romantic escapade. I couldn’t help but feel bad for Trig because a guys heart can only shine so bright before someone calls him to put a shade on it. The cloak and dagger stuff was rather ridiculous but if I wanted to lose myself in quality espionage I’d pick me up some Ian Fleming. This book is a solid three stars, but that might only be because I was sweet on Trig. I can’t say how it would have fared if he weren’t so hapless and hopeless where Lena is concerned.

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