Makin’ the Love Monday – 3AM Kisses by Addison Moore

photo (6)This Makin’ the Love Monday comes to you by the number 0 and the letter POOP. I have had the world’s worst week. My car broke down. I had a migraine. I had some sort of stomach somethin’ somethin’. I had oral surgery. I got an ear infection from that oral surgery. I did something bad and karma is kicking my butt. The only mercy God is giving me is he is making the kitties curl up with me and letting me use Ree Ree as a 6lb blanket. She basically covers my knee-cap. But during this craptastic week I’ve managed to get some reading done. Thank the heavens something good came out of smelly pirate lighted cars and pulled teeth.

KissesThis weeks Makin’ the Love Monday book is 3AM Kisses by Addison Moore. This is another NetGalley book, and since I went on a crazy NetGalley downloading spree on Friday night, more than likely most of my books for the next few weeks will be.

I had picked up another Addison Moore book a few months back called Someone to Love and I read about twenty pages of it and quickly felt like I was killing brain cells and abandoned it. I’m happy that I didn’t make the connection between that book and this one until after I’d finished 3AM Kisses because I might have had some reservations about this title. Happily this book caught my attention from the first sentence and held my attention firmly all the way through.

Baya Brighton is the shiny new freshman on campus and has followed in the footsteps of her deceased father and older brother and moved from home in Texas to North Carolina to go to Whitney Briggs University. Within minutes of arriving she makes a rather stunning impression on sexy upper classman, Bryson Edwards when her tank top malfunctions and she flashes him her girls in a more friendly “hello” than she may otherwise shared with this campus stud. Bryson being the nice guy he is offers to show her to her dorm, where she witnesses her roommate in one of the positions from the Kama Sutra. Seeing her distress Bryson saves her by taking her to see her brother. Where she learns that Bryson and her brother are not just roommates but they maintain a sexual rivalry measured by notches on the wall in their apartment tallying up the amount of sin they have racked up over the years at Whitney Briggs.

There is a great deal of snappy humor and intelligent sallies. Baya’s innocence thankfully stays on the side of comedy rather than tipping into the realm of ridiculousness. You can’t help but love Laney and Roxy. I was a bit disappointed that the villain was so much of a caricature. I think she could have been drawn a little less stereotypically especially since everyone else was done so skillfully.

winterThrough most of the book the pacing is really great but I was tripped up at the very end. The climax happens and then the reveal it’s all wham bam and then nothing. It really needed a lot more at the end. It needed more about what happened about the climax. What happened regarding the reveal. What the outcome of the events are. And the flash forward felt completely disjointed. I’m trying very hard to refer to all of this without spoiling anything at all. Bottom line is the end was not handled well. It needed a great deal more than what was there.

I loved the heat between Bryson and Baya. Totally made me chuckle when the good girl made the bad boy act like he was the one on the moral high ground. Nothing gives me a bigger happy than that whole reformed bad boy thing. I really like hearing about runaway penises being caught and taught to sit and rollover. Baya certainly tamed Bryson’s and nothing says love more than a man who puts a heart around his last notch.

I am totally excited for Winter Kisses which is Laney and Aiden’s story. Aiden has about a paragraph’s introduction in 3AM Kisses so you don’t know that much about him. Laney you should love though. I just bought it as I put that link in!

Addison Moore can be found on her websiteFacebook, Twitter, Amazon Author’s Page and Goodreads.

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