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photo (1) Makin’ the Love Monday! Oh mah gawds! It’s 9pm and I don’t even have the review done yet. I totally fell down on the job. It’s almost Makin’ the Love Tuesday Morning. Not that makin’ the love on Tuesday mornings is wrong–just it’s important to have some follow through on commitments. I’m commited to makin’ my love on Mondays. I’m rigid. And I’m also late. And to be really sticking honest–I have already finished writing the Any Day That Ends in YA which I consider my Tuesday post.

The reason this is a late post is that I really didn’t want to review Moon by Laurann Dohner for today. I wanted to do another book but L-I-F-E beefed my day and this is what I have. I was hoping to reserve a Laurann Dohner review for when True was released. There is really no universal law that says I can’t do more than one review by one author on my blog, even if I feel as if that is some sort of evil nepotism. The world will not collapse if I do this now and True when it comes out. The worse thing that could possibly happen is that I will piddle a little now and then piddle a little later instead of one piddle all alone.

So what does it all boil down to? This is a Makin’ the Love Moon-day! Haha… it’s awful but I am a punny girl and passing those sort of moments by will be things that I will look back and regret at the end of my life. I must pun on because these are the days to remember, because they will not last forever. These are the times to hold onto, because I won’t although I’ll want to. And I just totally ripped off Billy Joel, dated myself and made a bad pun all within a few sentences. My mother would be proud but she is probably too busy looking in her cassette collection for that Billy Joel tape so she can listen to that song. Yeah, my mom still listens to cassettes want to talk crap about my mom being a luddite? I’ll totally have her call your mom up on my mom’s rotary phone and set a play date for you and I to work it out!

16005363REGRESS… I am a dyed in the wool, cotton, cotton-blend, polyester, silk, taffeta, satin, lace, latex, leather, suede and spandex–New Species fan. I pretty much hang on Laurann Dohner’s every word when she posts updates on Facebook about her progress with her upcoming books, which is why I was really hoping to hold out for True, since she had wrapped it up and sent it to her editor not too long ago. That all said, I hold no heartbreak at all to share my Species love with a review of Moon.

Moon was originally introduced in Slade’s book when he, Brass and Harley moved into The Wild on Reservation to protect Trisha when Slade ditched her and was an all out turd. Flash forward eight books and now Moon has his own story. While protecting reservation gates in the last book Shadow, Moon was hit with a dart of unknown toxicological origin and has been in a feral state.

Thanks to the serial format of the New Species series readers who have followed the story book to book know that wealthy and powerful backers of the Mercile Medical Corporation have been trying to recapture Species to continue experiments since they were freed two years prior. Since the first Species book Fury, Species have been searching tirelessly for more of their kind to free them from the many facilities that are still doing research either privately or still under Mercile’s doctors. Laurann Dohner has done an incredible job of building a very complex Species world through the last ten books and she has woven an intricate web of Mercile, anti-Species characters outside of Mercile, as well as just criminally inclined humans at odds with the NSO and their people in a constant fight to keep the scales between good and evil from tipping too far south.

In the tenth Species novel, Dr. Joyce Yards, psychiatrist assigned to Moon, known simply as 466 by Mercile upon his release, finds while she was treating him that she is having a lot of inappropriate feels for him. When she realizes that the heat between them is enough to power a few solar systems she ghosts on him. Which considering the fact that I’m also pretty sure that she wears filet mignon scented perfume because boyfriend seems to think she smells pretty damn edible it all makes sense. If it’s not eu de steak than she is playing green light with her nipples because something is telling him that all systems are GO! Moon pretty much is on the rent to own plan and when she disappears so it doesn’t make him feel all that happy about things. When Moon is struck by the toxic dart the NSO contacts Joy to come see about Moon and she is just what the doctor ordered. (C’mon! That one was good!)

The pair in this book is atomic! Moon is pretty much like all those Species things you love, undiluted and unapologetic. I like it best like that way at least. There is no point at all in having an alpha beastie that is partially tamed; let the ani-male out, I say. So Moon is good like any wild thing… he is pretty much driven by his stomach and… his need to socialize his social part with an opposite sex’s social part. And they said to isolate him… how wrong they were! Dr. Joy has an excellent bedside manner and I think she is genuinely concerned about him catching a chill since she is always trying to keep him pretty damn hot. A good hero needs a good heroine and this one has no fear about high risk activities. Of all the things Joy is willing to do: saying, ‘no’ is not one of them.

Some of this story paralleled Obsidian. The entire crazed Species and his aggressive/possessive thing for his female where they are quarantined deal. But the plot is vastly different. And it’s Moon. Who doesn’t love Moon?

Laurann Dohner knows me well enough to know that somewhere in this review I will ask the question of where in the name of the saints and sinners is Brass’ book and is his heroine fashioned after me? I’d like to imagine that she isn’t pushing the title back three days everytime I ask but I ask so often that it’s quite possible that I am encouraging her to never want to see that specific Species name in print.

She has mentioned that she has work done or plans of doing books for Breeze, Vengeance, Darkness, Jaded, Jericho, Flame and Smiley. She’s a very busy woman because as she works on Species books she is also working on Raines, Mating Set, Zorn Warriors, Cyborg Seductions series-es (Can you pluralize the plural? I just Joss Whedoned all over that) and just the other day she saved the planet from an asteroid, became princess of a small foreign fiefdom, and she helped a woman give birth to quintuplets in the middle of a typhoon.

This woman is amazing and if we put the woes of our country in her hands–rainbows would bless us with food. Unicorns would replace transit to reduce our carbon footprint. And when she made Justice North our leader every single woman of marriageable age would get one well-hung Species male to protect and provide for her.

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