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Book Review: Winter’s Arrow by Lexi C. Foss

Winter's Arrow by Lexi C. Foss
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Winter's Arrow by Lexi C. Foss
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Title: Winter’s Arrow (X-Clan Sector #3)
Author: Lexi C. Foss
Genre: Omegaverse, Paranormal
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG! Amirite?

Snow Frost is heir to the Winter Sector throne. Adopted daughter to the Queen of Mirrors, Vanessa, who is plotting against her and the kingdom, in a power move to end all power moves because bey-otches be bey-otches, yo! 

This is my favorite X-Clan story so far. Ander Cain was a mean dope, IMO–he made me cry for an entire chapter. Elias is totally my WILF, and now Lexi C. Foss gave me another name to add to the WILF list in Sven Mickelson–who is getting his own book next in the series, Bariloche Sector. Swoon, I tell you. SWOON! 

But Kazek Flor is my wolf, and he won’t be to everyone’s taste, but he’s tasty as all heckfire to me.

Winter’s Arrow is a retelling of Sleeping beauty omegaverse-style. Snow Frost is a Beta princess promised to the Alpha Enrique from the Bariloche Sector in an alliance mating devised by the Queen of Mirrors. Only Snow finds that there is something far sinister awaiting her on her wedding night. Feeling reckless, she gets a little mouthy with Alpha Kazek from the Norse Sector; instead of punishing her, he finds her tempting. And fate and Snow’s miscalculations land her at his feet when she attempts to escape. Only this is ain’t no fairytale.

Kazek is more smexy growl than bitter poisoned bite compared to Ander Cain, who was a bunch of emotional rocks (Sorry, Lexi C. Foss). Kaz’s brutal in many ways I can embrace, but Kaz lacks the prideful callousness that made me angry about a lot of what happened in Andorra Sector. I would say that Kaz is Ander done correctly (Sorry, Lexi C. Foss).

If I had to scour the book for a complaint, I would say that I wish the Snow’s/Winter’s Seven weren’t so similar. Overall they had little character development. They also had very little part in the story, and they were easy to confuse for one another other than Grum, who was part of the plot. 

I loved Winter’s Arrow, and I can’t wait for Sven and Kari’s book! 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary advance copy of this book.

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