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Book It – In News Today: Jennifer L. Armentrout Releases Stone Cold Touch; Readers Stymied by Which Book Boyfriend to Squee Loudest About

Jennifer L. Armentrout has delivered this book just in time to remind me that I have not started this series and I’m this much further behind. From the facts and booty in my Release Blitz Benefits Package this book is here to give us the one thing all romance readers LURVE: a love triangle. I was going hard in the sarcasm on that. I figure that this is like chintz someday someone will catch on that we like ass sores more than we like rivals for one girl’s or guy’s affection until then we have the joy of Swedish Fish and comfort of kittens. While we wait, get your go juice of choice, curl up and get the first book if you haven’t already; late to the party like myself–links to Bitter Sweet Love and White Hot Kiss at the bottom of the post. One thing I can say is that JLA is a seasoned creator of tasty stories so noshing on this will give you a feel-good high that will be worth the time… and if there was ever an Artisté talented on making swoony, snarky, dream guys it would be Jennifer. Perhaps we should have her rewrite Congress and make it a sci-fi, paranormal, urban-fantasy… I bet it would be far more entertaining than it is currently painful.

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