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Release Blitz: Of Light and Dark by Danah Logan

Of Light and Dark by Danah Logan
Of Light and Dark by Danah Logan
Of Light and Dark by Danah Logan
Of Light and Dark by Danah Logan

Title: Of Light and Dark (The Dark Series #3)
Author: Danah Logan
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Release Date: 08 June 2021


My name is Lilly.
What is my last name, you ask?
I. Don’t. Know.
I lost track of who I am months ago. I thought I was a McGuire until my brother let me in on the secrets that drove a wedge between my family so many years ago.
Consumed with the need for answers, I made decisions others would’ve called reckless—and they’re probably right.
The feeling of betrayal sat too deep for me to see reason. I should’ve told my parents, informed the authorities, but trust is a fragile thing. Once it’s broken, is there really a chance of rebuilding it?
Then I met him.
He gave me answers, but he had questions of his own. The more time we spent together, the more we bonded…until the lines were blurred.
Home was no longer tied to a place but to two individuals.
Throughout our search for the truth, I almost lost the boy that means everything to me.
Hunted by the media, tormented by Rhys’s psychotic ex and her followers, I became a target, and my need to run put everyone at risk.
No one could’ve expected what actually happened over a decade ago. How one decision started a chain of events that led to me being the pawn in her game.
Find out what really happened ten years ago in this angst-filled, romantic-suspense story full Of Light and Dark.
Dear Reader, Of Light and Dark is the THIRD book and CONCLUSION of Lilly and Rhys’s trilogy within The Dark Series. The first three books in the series are one continuous story, with In the Dark being the first book.
This book is intended for MATURE readers and features strong language, sexual scenes, and situations that may be considered TRIGGERS for some. Reader Discretion is advised.

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