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Book It – In News Today: Addison Moore Reveals More Sweet Lovin’ with Rock Candy Kisses

Addison Moore has revealed the cover for the newest in her 3:AM Kisses Series. Tipping into the life of rocker Blake Daniels, lead singer of 12 Deadly Sins, Addison Moore offers a challenging story with Rock Candy Kisses, when she pairs up the songbird with deaf heroine, Annie Edwards. While I’m sure this love story will burn and flame, I hope it also answers the question of whether or not deaf girls hear a sound when a playboy’s heartbreaks when he does any of the normal self destructive crap that ruins an otherwise really good thing.

This book is due to be released in Spring of 2015!

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Book It – In News Today: Whiskey Kisses Cover Reveal


Whiskey Kisses, book four in the 3:AM Kisses series by author Addison Moore brings us the story of Izzy and Holt. Holt is the hot and sexy tender of sweet joyous imbibing goodness and brother of sweet joyous goodness, Bryson Edwards; you know, the dude who used to notch his conquests onto his apartment wall. In the ever increasingly small world of Whitney Briggs University, where everyone is dating, marrying or getting it hot and heavy with one another’s brothers, sisters or guardian angel, Holt manages to find his heroine in Laney’s sister, Izzy. Who needs blind dates when someone has a handy sibling? Sorry kids… My sister is off limits.

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Book It – In News Today: Addison Moore Releases Sugar Kisses!


Addison Moore’s third installment of her 3:AM Kisses Series, Sugar Kisses has just been released 02/11/2013. Sugar Kisses is the story of Roxy Capwell, sister to Ryder who is engaged to Roxy’s best friend Laney. Now Roxy is moving in with her other best friend, Baya’s brother Cole Brighton for crazy sexy times. Has this group become incredibly cellular or what? Personally, I don’t care if they all end up having babies with polydactyl hands and feet. I can’t wait to read the book because until those three eyed babies come out it’s all fun and games!

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