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Book Review: Saint by Ruby Vincent

Saint by Ruby Vincent
Saint by Ruby Vincent
Saint by Ruby Vincent
Saint by Ruby Vincent

Title: Saint (Saint and Sinners #1)
Author: Ruby Vincent
Genre: Dark Romance, Reverse Harem
My rating:
5 of 5 stars

First, let me say that my favorite book is Alice in Wonderland. Why does that matter? Because Sinjin Bellisario reminded me of the Mad Hatter and the Tea Party put together. The man is brilliant chaos, and I could eat him up.

Ruby Vincent’s Saint is a bit different from her academy books in that she’s taken a dark path, and I like it. Adeline Redgrave is a struggling chef trying to make it in a crap situation. She can barely make rent, much less pay for the care for her father. When she sees something she shouldn’t, it puts a crinkle in her life that she truly can’t afford.

Cinco City lives and breathes on the sin that feeds and fuels it. The Merchants are another gang who are making a stamp on the underworld until a Bunny witnesses them making a hit. But their leader is sheer wonky unpredictability, and he decides that she can live, but the caveat is she’s theirs.

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