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Book Review: When He’s Dark by Suzanne Wright

Title: When He’s Dark (Olympus Pride #1)
Author: Suzanne Wright
Genre: Paranormal Romance
My rating:
3 of 5 stars

Oh. I waited for this, and it’s a split rating. The story is a solid four stars, and the execution is a mess, and it leaves me with an average of why, oh why??!

You don’t eff with a Pallas Cat, and you really don’t eff with the Olympus Pride.

The Olympus Pride is introduced in Bracken and Madisyn’s book Echoes of Fire in the Mercury Pack Series. Vinnie Devereaux allies himself with the Mercury pack as both claim Madisyn under their protection, and that is how we first meet Tate and Luke. Suzanne finished off the Phoenix Pack series with Domenic and Mila’s book introducing us to more Devereaux’s. Which rolls us into this series and my torn into two pieces heart.

Alex Devereaux is Mila’s twin brother and Vinnie’s nephew–but he takes after his mother’s side of the family, and he’s a wolverine, not a Pallas cat. But he does have a soft spot for one Pallas cat, and despite her being more or less inconvenient, and not his true-mate, she is what he lives for, or more aptly put, for what he’s waiting for while he’s passing the time.

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