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Book Review: When He’s Dark by Suzanne Wright

Title: When He’s Dark (Olympus Pride #1)
Author: Suzanne Wright
Genre: Paranormal Romance
My rating:
3 of 5 stars

Oh. I waited for this, and it’s a split rating. The story is a solid four stars, and the execution is a mess, and it leaves me with an average of why, oh why??!

You don’t eff with a Pallas Cat, and you really don’t eff with the Olympus Pride.

The Olympus Pride is introduced in Bracken and Madisyn’s book Echoes of Fire in the Mercury Pack Series. Vinnie Devereaux allies himself with the Mercury pack as both claim Madisyn under their protection, and that is how we first meet Tate and Luke. Suzanne finished off the Phoenix Pack series with Domenic and Mila’s book introducing us to more Devereaux’s. Which rolls us into this series and my torn into two pieces heart.

Alex Devereaux is Mila’s twin brother and Vinnie’s nephew–but he takes after his mother’s side of the family, and he’s a wolverine, not a Pallas cat. But he does have a soft spot for one Pallas cat, and despite her being more or less inconvenient, and not his true-mate, she is what he lives for, or more aptly put, for what he’s waiting for while he’s passing the time.

Pallas cats are temperamental, crazy, balls of psycho. When they say one has gone wrong, you can assume that it probably is terrifyingly awful on a horrific scale of nope. Paxton Cage was Bree Dwyer’s true-mate, but when he disappeared and never returned, she was thankful because there was a darkness in him that her cat couldn’t accept as a mate in any form. The only shifter she’s wanted is one she can’t have, and she’s ready to cut her strings and leave the Olympus Pride to start over.

I loved the story and the characters. The pride has a lot of great new faces. One of the things I can’t wait for is Tate and Luke to have their books. I also want more–just more.

Some things in this don’t make sense to me, and it hurt my soul. The title is the first. The pronoun game sucks. I’m terrible at math, but my ages for people feel all off. And I’m getting a little tired with the reused plot-lines. And I do not understand why there are so many typos, grammatical errors, and word choice mistakes in this book. It feels fifty-percent edited, and as if it was not beta-read.

Suzanne Wright remains one of my must one-clicks. This hiccup won’t stop me from being all over the pre-order of the next book. I love the bones of her books, and if there are fashion mistakes, it’s no reason in my mind to stop watching for success in the future.

Title: When He’s Dark
Author: Suzanne Wright
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date:
07 April 2020


Cat shifter Bree Dwyer doesn’t fear much. Ironically, what she fears most is the person who was put on the Earth just for her. Your true mate wasn’t supposed to be cruel and twisted; wasn’t supposed to be someone who’d never love or want to claim you. The rumors that her true mate is dead bring her only relief. Bree’s intent on moving forward with her life and building a future with someone else. Sadly, the male she wants most is one she can never have—a hot-as-sin wolverine shifter who happens to be her boss … and the cousin of her predestined mate.

Aleksandr “Alex” Devereaux detests being bullshitted, but he’s been lying to himself for years—pretending he thinks of Bree as extended family; that he doesn’t want her so bad he aches with it; that he can’t feel himself weakening against her pull. The night they spend together changes everything. He’s done fighting himself on what he wants. Someone isn’t happy about that. Possibly the same ‘someone’ who’s playing mind games with Bree, trying to scare her. They’re succeeding, because too many leads point to the possibility that the culprit could be the one person that she’s determined to believe is dead.

About Suzanne Wright:

Suzanne Wright lives in England with her husband, two children, and her Bengal cats. When she’s not spending time with her family, she’s writing, reading, or doing her version of housework – sweeping the house with a look.

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