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Weekend Pick Me Up: Darkness by Laurann Dohner

Darkness4starWhat is sexier than sex on a stick? Sex on a stick that purrs and has momentously hugelicious control issues; in walks a manimal named Darkness and suddenly I need a shower, chocolate, intravenous injection of dilaudid and my mom talking in my ear to distract me until the hot flashes go away. From the second he was mentioned back in what, was it Moon’s book–maybe it was Shadow’s, I was all heavy in the breath for him. I love my men to be morally ambiguous; I want them to be like my coffee, black on the inside with a good dose of potential evil. Darkness isn’t called Darkness because he cuddles puppies and kisses babies; this cat likes playing with his dinner before he eats his prey. Eat me Darkness, play with me, eat me! Please mom, don’t read that! Continue Reading


Makin’ the Love Monday – True by Laurann Dohner

IMG_9548 Wow.
I have to say that again.
I’ve reviewed enough Laurann Dohner books to have established my fangirl status and I’ve waxed poetic about New Species Series often enough to show my bias to it as well. When Laura from Ellora’s Cave emailed me the synopsis for this book as an ARC that was available for review I sent her a reply that said, “Please! Please! Please!” I might have fallen in love with her a little when she sent me the book. ~Yes, I am one of those women who love you for what you can give me and not for who you are. =P

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