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Tongue Wagger – Swan Prince by Erin Lark

The-Swan-Prince-StrokeFoolish me, I didn’t read the synopsis of this book and requested it from Entangled based solely because I liked the cover. It’s a very nice cover, I think you will admit that the pretty is a high quality pretty. As you could imagine, or perhaps, not at all, I was surprised as hell to find out it was a m/m romance. I seem to have missed the dude on the horse while looking at the hot muscle-y-ish dude in the moonlight–blow me over with a feather! Yeah, I had to go with the pun. So it took me a couple days to come off my previous conceptions to get into this book… and there was also this thing where I don’t find swans, ducks, gooses or chickens sexy. I almost had to call foul on this lovestory. I totally laughed aloud at that one! It was good. It was a really good one! I know you chuckled. Damn you! Admit it! Continue Reading

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Book It – In News Today: Berengaria Brown Releases The Wolf!


Berengaria Brown has just released her newest m/m Paranormal Romance from Evernight Publishing, ‘Would You Trust A Werewolf?’ This is a 34 page short story but if you have had the chance to be swept up in one of Berengaria’s stories you know that she doesn’t need to fill you up with starch and carbs when she can work you out with some palpitations and heavy breathing. Whoo, wolfboy! Is it warm in here?

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