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Makin’ The Love Monday – Fall To You by Lexi Ryan

FallToYou Amazon GR SWMy apologies to Ms. Lexi Ryan… she and I are both tired of me being late but thankfully I’m just effing up on getting reviews done on time and it’s not like she and I are having a baby or anything. Don’t worry Lexi the blood work is showing that I’m not having a human baby so you can’t be my baby momma! Of course I can’t reassure the aliens the same thing, those dudes are going to be paying offspring support of yonks from the looks of it… a situation that seems about as screwed up as the one Lexi has set up, put forth and then made me WTF through in this second Here and Now book, Fall To You.
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Weekend Pick Me Up – Lost In Me by Lexi Ryan

Lost In Me - Lexi RyanI have been trying very hard to overcome the habit of making quick judgements that my mother instilled in me as a child for sometime. Still, I find they bite me on the patootie and I often have times when I read that I get an impression and think I’ve figured out everything on that first thought and think I can stop there. It takes me a nudge to remember all the times I have made the promise that I wouldn’t be like my mom in quick painting all things black and white before I pull my big girl pants on and step beyond my bull crap. This is how I learned Lost In Me was not The Vow.

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