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Any Day That Ends In YA – Falling For The Ghost of You by Nicole Christie

Falling-forI picked this book up because it was in my Goodreads recommendations. I retain that fascination I’ve had since I was twelve for love affairs between Jane Doe and Famous Rocker/Actor/Model/PIRATE–And yes, whenever you encounter the word PIRATE, it must be spelled in all caps and said with a bit of a guttural growl and a look of grim constipation.

Most of the time books like Falling For the Ghost of You give me a few hours of happy. I get over it like all good things and I mellow back to that general, I might be bloating or it could be constipation feeling, then I read another book. This won’t be happening with this book. It was so hilarious that I was belly laughing so loud my husband thought I was emotionally unhinged and neck deep in psychotic hysterics. Continue Reading


Feeling Peckish – Love & Decay by Rachel Higginson

Love and DecayDisclaimer: I have not had my Walking Dead cherry popped yet. I know, crazy inn’it?! I am not one for TV. It’s a even a fact that David and I stopped having cable in 2006; all I watched back then was the cooking channel–he might not seem hot to you but I have a strange and inexplicable crush on Emeril Lagasse. I also watched music videos because I also had a crush on Adam Lazzara the lead singer of Taking Back Sunday. So my TV watching experience since that time is limited to Netflix. Then a few years ago I began watching English subbed Korean TV, moving me further and further from what is popular here. When I do watch Netflix, I watch True Crime TV about serial killers, murders and missing persons or I will watch crime TV like NCIS, Law & Order and Hannibal. I like it when people die I guess. Gruesome much? Long story short, I have missed all the zombie TV shows and movies since the original 80’s ones. OH! We saw World War Z, which gave me nightmares. “Scary Faces, Scary Faces!”

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Book It – In News Today: Sara Wolf Says Savage Delight Date Will Be February 10, 2014


The long awaited second book in the Lovely Vicious Series by Sara Wolf is due to be released next week, February 10, 2014. The book that originally had a release date in January had been delayed due to the fact that Isis and Jack were getting along too well and Sara had to remind them that they weren’t in fact friends. Book two continues the angst filled tale of the two most joy handicapped teenagers ever to encounter one another and it promises to deliver the snark, wit, and cleverly creative phrases of distress of Isis Blake.

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Any Day that Ends in YA – Lovely Vicious by Sara Wolf

IMG_9391OMG I am in LURVE and even if it might be skeevy AND even if it might mean serious legal issues I am going to say that I am all about asshat extraordinaire: Jack Hunter. He is the three magic things that make my tingly spots tingle in a book boyfriend. Number One: He’s a raging prick. Number Two: he’s devious. Number Three: under all the hardness and unapproachability something lives within that that tough shell that is worth a hundred Tom, Dick and whatever name is popular this year.

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Tongue Wagger – The Last Alive by H.L. Wampler

IMG_7969This is my first Empowering Lemon Bundt Wednesday and the reference will probably be lost on most but it is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer quote from when Willow goes to join the Wicca circle at UC Sunnydale. Inspite of the tongue and cheek meaning to the comment it is meant to infer that the members have a mean amount of girl power. My Wednesday blog posts will be for books with heroines who kick serious boot-ay!

The first urban warrior to be featured is Emma Taylor, the zombie slaying survivor of an apocalypse started when her sister becomes patient zero after a mysterious bite on a family camping trip. The Last Alive is a very fast paced novel. From the first page it takes off and there are no lulls or pauses. Tension is created by an alternating look between the fortified Pittsburgh she lives in present time with flashbacks to the initial outbreak and it leaves the reader caught precariously between the panic of then and desperation of now.

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Morning Tea with the Author – H.L. Wampler

Today is an auspicious day because it is the beginning of a new addition to my blog, Morning Tea with the Author, which is a Q&A with authors about books, writing, reading and everything in the kitchen sink.

My first author is H.L. Wampler, creator of the novel The Last Alive, a horror story about a zombipocalypse that begins when her twin sister is bitten in the woods while camping and then things get really hairy.

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Crap I forgot a title…

I am wrecked on an epic scale. I wrote for roughly nine hours today and got about 8,000 words down. I spent about four of those hours rewritting a part of chapter 2 that wasn’t working. It was a very emotional part and I redid it a few times before I felt like I got it right. The chapter came in at just over 10,000 words which is really long but it was the most natural place to end it.

I have been running extremely high. If that sounds a little random then you have missed the fact that I am bipolar from previous posts. The productive place between a touch of hypomania and running high is sort of blurry. Basically, I’m kicking out all sorts of stuff and it is coherent and rather good. It is at that thin line though, where the way my mind is bombarded with ideas and dialogue for what I am working on is distracting to an extreme and I don’t take enough notice of everything around me. Driving home yesterday from an appointment was an adventure in stop lights on the orange side or yellow and covering a good part of the trip on auto-pilot. I was trying to solve a problem about how advanced the alternate world in Murmur of Souls was going to be.

What have I been so pre-occupied about? I have spoken vaguely of The Soul Wars Trilogy and for the most part it was because for a little while I didn’t really understand the breadth and depth of the story. Knowing that you need a truly BAD guy, with a lot of sex appeal and a snarky attitude isn’t enough to base a book on. I had Min worked out from the start. She was always going to be above average in intelligence and fiery. And I knew Jett’s family and Trist’s place. Not a lot to go by.

Over the last week, with the power of hypomania, I have filled a one-subject notebook with dialogue, new characters and a very well thought out story arc for the entire trilogy. I have a few great friends reading it as I go, giving me feedback and telling me where things seem awkward or unlikely. And the man who feeds my turtles and changes the litter in my bathroom, also known as my husband, helped me find the images for all three books.  I also bought the copyright for the image for le Cirque at the same time. The few other plans I have for keeping me working is to get Murmur up on Wattpad to see what the thoughts of people I don’t know might be. That will be on the list of ‘to-do’s’ for next week

I don’t have it in me to write a blog entry as long as my normal one on the tails of the full day I put in while I plugged away today. I’m going to just cut and paste a small portion of today’s labor into the bottom of this and call it a night.

This is Min and Jet.

“Vela, go get Min’s food.” His voice was commanding. I still had her hand and my grip tightened. My voice brokered no debate as I said, “Vela get me a plastic bag and a sharp knife. Jett wants me to start freeing him from his limbs.”
That stupid chuckle filled the dark. I hated him. My conscience told me that involving Vela in our battle of wills wasn’t fair. I released her and softened my voice. “I’m fine. I will come get some food later. Why don’t you go and relax. Don’t worry.” I listened to her light steps lead to the door and when it opened light briefly flooded the entrance. Wordlessly she shut it behind her.
“Why are you like that?” Frustration had me asking with gritted teeth.
I didn’t hear him but I felt him coming closer. I could see the smirk that he had on his face in my minds eye even before I hear it in his voice. “Wonderful? Devastating?Compelling? Sexy? Brilliant? Unforgettable?”
“No. Mentally defective. Unlikeable. Tiresome. Creepy. You were sitting in the dark while I slept. Who does that?”
“The way you compliment me makes me wonder if your words mean what you think they mean. Having been brought up human probably means that you lacked an education. I had hopes that you would be bright enough that I could be challenged. Sadly, speaking to you is the equivalent of engaging conversation with a child.”
“Is this really all you’re about, Jett. Irritating others? You really need to get a life.”
I felt his weight added to the bed near my feet. Noah and Michael were the only two guys that had ever been in my bedroom. My brother was never an issue and Noah was as safe to have there as Michael was. Jett on my bed felt a little too real.
“I have thought about taking yours. Think about that. Then I would have two.”

Thanks a bunch for reading this. I hope you enjoyed it.