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Weekend Pick Me Up – Playing Games by Jessica Clare

photo The weekend is nigh and it is time to shake it like it’s a polaroid picture. I have to tell you that I have a game plan that includes finding my underwear, which are in one of 7 boxes called “clothes” still packed in my bedroom and taking part in the Kidney Walk in LA.

If you aren’t planning to have a crazy weekend like mine I am here to recommend a good pick me up for you, a sure pleaser to get you through. Playing Games is actually the second book in the Games series by Jessica Clare (a pseudonym for Jill Myles) and as much as I liked Wicked Games, Playing Games really kicked it’s butt. The characters, Dean and Abby do end up in The World Race but the two books don’t rely so heavily on a continuous story that you need to read them in order or create a reason as to why you wouldn’t be able to read this book as a stand alone. That said, I did really adore Abby in Wicked Games and Jill Myles ability to create the tension and skullduggery of a reality show is so impressive that the book really is a very good read. Just not as good as Playing Games.

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