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Book It: Lexi Ryan Shakes New Hope Up Once Again


I don’t know if I am happy that Max is finally getting some touch from the right woman or disappointed Lexi isn’t going to torture him a helluva lot more. He seems so good at having his world go to sh@t! I actually still feel a little like he deserves some more dark clouds for everything he did with/to Hannah. You know what? I am going to be happy he’s getting his turn because if I know anything about Lexi Ryan books it is that she has to bottom out her hero/heroine until she gives them any light at the end of the tunnel. And if you are paying any attention, Lexi’s Muse, I would really love that at the end of Nix and Max’s story she decides she is a lesbian and he is left weiner in hand yet one more time.

Pu-lease, Ms. Ryan, go nasty!


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Book It: Lexi Gets Sexy; New Hope Is Back and Playing with Fire!



Lexi Ryan is filling my every hope for the future and releasing Nix’s book. My favorite New Hope doctor is doing the dirty with the man who has been turned down by EVERY Thompson daughter. Every dog will have their day: Max Hallowell, the favorite for the shoulda, woulda, coulda award for the past New Hope books is having wham bam, thank you ma’ams, with my doctor. HEA is ahead, my friends! Well that is the theory but Lexi has to torture us with a whirly twirly, topsy turvy plot first.

Do not miss this July 7, 2015 release. You are getting the Ms. Ali Cat promise, fireworks will be lasting long after this 2015 Independence Day.

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Tongue Wagger: Something Real by Lexi Ryan


Insert huge sigh. I usually fail to read the last book in series because I just don’t want to know the answer to all my what-ifs. What if my favorite character dies? What if the heroine ends up with the wrong guy? What if the author craps the bed and the last book is completely disappointing? These are questions that NEVER enter my mind when I begin reading a Lexi Ryan series because the books are pure effing torture on cliffhangers. I end each part of her series with painful, crippling curiosity as to what the hell happens next. The other questions don’t even apply because sometimes I want the main character in her books to die. I want her to end up with the wrong guy. There is no crap left in the last book of her stories because she ties up the strings of storylines and the strings of my heart with the WTF? happiness moment in the reveal. How an author could get anything to float out of the miasma is Lexi’s gift to me… I mean her readers. And me. I know she writes each book just for me. Continue Reading

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Book It: In News Today – A Lil’ Somethin’ Somethin’ About Something Real

Just as I’m recovering from the cliffhanger from Something Reckless here is Something Real to bring me that warm tingly traumatization that I love and crave like a junky does another hit. I sort of like to think that Lexi Ryan is making love to me with her domestically abusive plot twists. My hopes for this book is that it will either come out with that warm feeling of happiness one has when life doesn’t completely suck and no one HAS to die, or the ending can be cured by a good drunk, and drinking hemlock won’t be necessary.

Eff me, I love these horrible, wrench your heart out, and ruin your day books Lexi Ryan write! She is one of my favorites.

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Tongue Wagger: Something Reckless by Lexi Ryan

Something-Reckless-ReviewYou know that author you love but always tangles you up in knots and spits you out with every book, do you have one of those? I do. Lexi Ryan does that to me. She’s my crack. My meth addiction. She’s my heroin. I need her and she effs me up everytime I read one of her books. God I love her… can I have her book babies? This is a dysfunctional relationship. I understand that, but I don’t want it to be right.

My favorite Thompson sister finally has her story and here, I find out she is super freaky! Lizzy is a naughty slut for the right man and her right man happens to be a man who has a few loose ends. Not to fear though because he enjoys tying his partners up, so he knows what to do when he’s at the end of his rope. Sam Bradshaw is Lizzy’s ONE, she has loved and wanted him since she had the first stirrings of loves and wants and Sam was not immune but felt that he had to wait for Lizzy to mature to an age where she could handle the games he has a taste for. In an unfortunate string of events beginning with Lizzy throwing herself at Sam during a college party and him catching her rather than taking advantage of her, she decided to spite her love and let his roommate be the rebound; this domino event is about to come to head in a shitstorm of badness that only Lexi Ryan could write to scar us all in emotional turmoil that will require therapy and pharmaceuticals. Continue Reading

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Book It – In News Today: Lexi Ryan To Release More Smexy Novels; Cover Reveals Whet Anticipation!


I may have a crush on Lexi Ryan. Okay, there is no ‘may’ here, I have a girl crush on Lexi Ryan. I lurved the Here and Now Series and I have been waiting with bated breath for her to come out with newbie novels for me to gush and babble happily about to people who do not read books about and care even less about my interests. But I don’t wait on her books merely to bore my enemies and family, I truly can’t wait to devour the joy of her efforts. This is a woman who wisely and believably creates the fiction that makes your inner critic want to argue about the details but it’s way too busy fanning itself from it’s bookgasm to fuss! I cannot wait for Something Reckless! Do me up, Lexi Ryan, I am your book reviewing slave!


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Be My Guest – Reflecting on Meredith: The Character We Love to Hate

by Lexi Ryan

Reflecting on Meredith: The Character We Love to Hate

If you’ve read the first two books of the Here and Now series, you probably have some opinions about Meredith. You might have some choice words for her as well. I know I do. When I first started writing about her, I said, “Some people are just horrible.” But even horrible people have their reasons—valid or not. Continue Reading


Makin’ The Love Monday – All For This by Lexi Ryan

All-for-This-cover-strokeDid you hear that strange noise that shattered the skies last Monday? It was a strange combination between a squee, yip, OMG and ayeee! I didn’t mean to broadcast globally but I finished All For This and the conclusion of my reading journey combined with the knowledge that I would no longer be buying cases of TUMS for the anxiety regarding Hannah’s fickle heart was enough to celebrate.

Bless you, Lexi Ryan, for such a fabulous last book to close off an incredible series! I take back all the snarky nixing you off my Christmas list and now beg to ask that you add me to see your Amazon wishlists. Can I please buy you a pony? Continue Reading

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Book It – In News Today: Here and Now, Lexi Ryan Gives Sneak Peak of All For This

All for This FB banner (Pre-release)

A tempting sneak peek to the long awaited third and final installment to Lexi Ryan’s Here and Now Trilogy is being released today. Long awaited to people like me who are addicted to the story. Actually, Lexi has been putting these books out at a blessedly short succession that feel like forever to those who are on edge at the cliffhangers book to book. This excerpt gives you a little look into Max’s side of the new clusterbutterfly that went into effect at the end of Fall To You. Personally, I’m Team Nate but when I see Max’s POV I don’t know what the hell to think because the guy just doesn’t seem like the douche canoe I want him to be so I can hate and forget him. Damn you Jacob Black for making me so freaking on the fence about love triangles; you rotten, furry, little shit! I almost hope that at the end of All For This Hanna gets her memory back and remembers she is actually a lesbian and has been seeing a woman behind all their backs. GRRRL POWA!


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Makin’ The Love Monday – Fall To You by Lexi Ryan

FallToYou Amazon GR SWMy apologies to Ms. Lexi Ryan… she and I are both tired of me being late but thankfully I’m just effing up on getting reviews done on time and it’s not like she and I are having a baby or anything. Don’t worry Lexi the blood work is showing that I’m not having a human baby so you can’t be my baby momma! Of course I can’t reassure the aliens the same thing, those dudes are going to be paying offspring support of yonks from the looks of it… a situation that seems about as screwed up as the one Lexi has set up, put forth and then made me WTF through in this second Here and Now book, Fall To You.
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