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Interviews: Cambria Hebert at ApollyCon 2019 – About Writing

OMG! Do you know who Cambria Hebert is?

Cambria Hebert is the author of seventy titles spanning nine series including bestselling novels in the series: Hashtag, Gearsharks, Take It Off, and BearPaw Resort. She has also authored many short stories such as Blank, and Whiteout. Her newest novel Mr. Fantasy was released in March, and she has an upcoming release Moth to a Flame available on Amazon for pre-order right now.

What are you doing? There are links below, GO! Buy the first in each series. Start. Reading. Now. 

/end Fangirl squee

/start next fangirl squee

I was over the moon at Apollycon 2019 to meet one Cambria. She was sweet, funny, and willing to do a few short interviews with me. This is one in three parts, about her writing.

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Hashtag, The Story of a Lion or a Lamb

Hashtag: A Story of a Lion or a Lamb – Let’s Fight About It: Villains by A.J. Tipton


The A.J. Tipton duo of Annie and Jess (“AJ”) are an effective team writing team because we bring different perspectives to plots, characters, setting, and description which–when combined–create a richer story than either of us writing alone.  Fitting with the theme of “Lion and Lambs,” we took our own interpretation of the classic villain/hero/predator/prey dynamic between the two classic symbols: a debate over the best Disney villain. This leap in logic makes sense, trust us. Let’s fight about it!*

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Hashtag, Luck and Charms

Hashtag: Luck and Charms – Lucky Charms by Alison Bliss


Alison Bliss, author of the highly acclaimed romantic comedy Rules of Protection, has stepped in to be my final Luck AND Charms guest. I find her hilarious and love reading her stuff because she is in tune with my need to wet myself while laughing from humorous repartee. It’s hard to do properly and it comes so easy to Alison that I dearly wish to start the INTERNATIONAL ALISON BLISS FANCLUB. You can paypal me your membership dues and you will receive some balls fresh off the fish’s body, and a homemade badge you can use to claim that you are identified to be of one of the numerous protection agencies. It will be made from construction paper and macaroni so I recommend you only show it to those you most wish to impress with your lofty station.

For Alison’s Luck AND Charms she muses over her preference for lucky tails, unlucky fowl boobs, how to best position lucky feet, and some pussy. You definitely need to stay for the lucky pussy so read all the way through and find out how you too can get lucky.

And just so you know, I swear I said AND.

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Hashtag, Luck and Charms

Hashtag: Luck and Charms by Axl Goode


I’m totally grateful to offer this Luck and Charms Hashtag post from Axl Goode, author of Primal Desire from Ellora’s Cave Publishing. Axl is greatly loved and often perved over from his notoriety as an Ellora’s Cave model and Exotic Dancer from Dallas, Texas. I really liked his novel and I have wanted to promote it for sometime but I haven’t had time to do a review on it yet. In lieu of the book critique I asked him to do a Hashtag and he was happy to do so. Please read this personal tale from Axl! Un millon de gracias, mi hombre. (I don’t know why I’ve gone from talking in Japanese to Spanish; I live in San Diego though and I’ve been watching Telemundo so that might be the culprit. Languages via osmosis?)

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Hashtag, Luck and Charms

Hashtag: Luck and Charms – Choose Your Own Lucky Charm by Pauline Creeden


I have never had the pleasure of featuring a Hashtag guest blog of this sort before and I’m over the moon to have Pauline Creeden write this for this month’s theme “Luck and Charms”. This is a Choose Your Own Adventure story that ends with you learning a little about the meaning of the color of your “Lucky Charm”. This is fantastic and I am indebted to Pauline for unloading this awesomeness on my blog! Thanks you infinitely for being this month’s first Hashtag author!

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Hashtag, Stupid Cupid

Hashtag: Stupid Cupid – Best Way To Spend Valentine’s? by Elle Aycart


I’m a Bowen Man fan, and no bigger fan than that of the Bowen Man that goes by the name of Max Bowen. He’s the devil may care man who has a grin for the gals yearning for a ‘come yonder’, and a wink for the ladies far too smart to do more than gander. I just lick my Kindle as I read and get the best of both worlds and no one is ever the wiser for it. Elle Aycart bent over backwards and forwards to get me something for this here Hashtag and I’m so happy to share this with you. Soon-soon I hope to get a review of this up cause my eyes will be all over this book as soon as I get some sleep and recovery over Valentine’s Week. Whew… thank heavens the next big romantic holiday is St. Patricks Day and that’s just when we celebrate drunk dialing!

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Hashtag, Stupid Cupid

Hashtag: Stupid Cupid – The Wedding Vows by Lucian Bane


We’ve seen all that has happened between Tara and Lucian during the Dom Wars. I mean each unflinching yummy and tension filled moment, amirite? So what could be more rewarding for V-Day than a peek at their truly MOST intimate moment? Mr. Lucian Bane the author whipped up this special Hashtag Guest Post just in time for the release of the White Knight Dom Academy and the nuptials of our favorite kinky couple.

No restraints were in use in the exchange of these rings.

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Hashtag, Stupid Cupid

Hashtag: Stupid Cupid – Eight Hundred Words On Love by Berengaria Brown

HashCupidEight hundred words? Wow this is a huge challenge.

When Ali asked me to join this blog event I was really excited. I have a new book coming out for Valentine’s Day and it was scheduled to be on pre-order on 1 February so this was absolutely perfect.

The book is called “Chocolate-Coated Reunion” and it’s an MM story about two men who like each other. They’d planned to meet for drinks on Christmas Eve but it hadn’t happened. That is, it hadn’t happened in a major drama way that left one man devastated and other feeling stood-up and unloved.

So the one who missed the date plans again for a date on Valentine’s Day, and the story explains what happens next. Continue Reading

Hashtag, I Could Do More, Uncategorized

Hashtag: #ICouldGiveMore – Saying No to More by Rebecca Brooks


Saying No to More

by Rebecca Brooks

It’s true, I could give more. There are 24 whole hours in a day so I could probably spend more time writing and less time queuing up Buffy reruns. I could make decisions about what to cook for dinner based on criteria other than what’s easiest and be more available my friends and visit my family more often and honestly did I really give 100% in that last workout? Of course not—that would be hard!

But you know what? I get up and I write and I let myself rest when I need it and I manage to get myself fed every day (every single one!) and I haven’t burned anything down (yet) so pardon me while I pat myself on the back. I spend time with folks when I’m able and want to and some days I kick ass and some days I seriously don’t but you know what? Who cares. Continue Reading

Hashtag, I Could Do More

Hashtag – #ICouldGiveMore: I could give more thought to dressing in a Halloween costume if it didn’t look like a pervert’s fantasy… by Calinda B.


I could give more thought to dressing in a Halloween costume if it didn’t look like a pervert’s fantasy…

by Calinda B

Okay, I know, you’re over Halloween and onto Thanksgiving. And it’s a good thing, too, since you don’t want to look fat in your Halloween costume and Thanksgiving is all about eating, right? Wait – isn’t it about giving thanks? I digress.

Costumes are supposed to flatter and tease, stimulate, make you think, represent your inner fantasies (if viewing on an adult), or make you go Awwww, how adorable (if viewing a child). They’re not supposed to make you run like hell for the next holiday. They’re also not supposed to make you look foolish or stupid, unless you have a fantasy of appearing that way. But, for some, many of them lean in that direction. I do love a good laugh, however, and some of this year’s offerings were ROFLMAO hilarious. Continue Reading