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Book Review: Fractures by Alice Reeds

Fractures by Alice Reeds
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Fractures by Alice Reeds
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Title: Fractures (Echoes #2)
Author: Alice Reeds
Genre: Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller
My rating:
4 of 5 stars

Augh. Miles? Fiona? What is happening? I love it. I hate it. I can’t deal.

If you read Echoes you know what to expect going into Fractures, and Alice Reeds does not disappoint! As a matter of fact, she doubles up! 

Miles and Fiona are off the Island; the hunt is not on, but they are still in the clutches of the Briola Bio-Tech peeps. The dark corporation takes a more insidious turn this book as Alice Reeds cracks open the bad apple and takes us into the Garden of Evil. The new mind fracture has them in Poland at a villa where they are being tortured by Briola, as well as on a remote freighter searching for survival in unsurvivable conditions.

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