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Book Review: Grim by Elizabeth Knox

Grim by Elizabeth Knox
Grim by Elizabeth Knox
Grim by Elizabeth Knox
Grim by Elizabeth Knox

Title: Grim (Reapers MC Series #13)
Author: Elizabeth Knox
Genre: MC Romance
My rating:
3 of 5 stars

Grim’s blurb is a summary of the book, and I feel like I got what the blurb offered, so I have no room to complain.

Natalie and her daughters, Aggie, Davina, and Sorcha, have started new lives in Montana after her husband horribly attacked Natalie. It’s not been a smooth restart for the ladies, and there is dissension in the ranks because Davina doesn’t believe her daddy did the things that her sister and mother say he did. She wants her mom to get over her drama and forgive him to be a family again. 

Enter Grim and the–you know what I don’t know the MC wow that isn’t a good sign–The Reapers MC, a series Elizabeth Knox is into 13 books deep. Grim meets Natalie and takes a fancy to her. He asks her out, and it’s a bit of an insta-love situation. The two quickly romance one another, and suddenly the book is over, and we are enjoying a HEA. It’s a fast read.

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