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Weekend Pick Me Up – A Home For Lily by Elizabeth Kelly

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00026]I need a baby! Not that kitties aren’t doing it, but you can only self medicate with kittens and baby books for so long before you begin to build up a tolerance; the yen for the actual experience burns through. God, please put a baby in my belly; you did it for Mary, you can do it for me. I know, I know… she was your girl and all, but I swear I will ride a donkey for as long as you want and turn my apartment into a barn, just give me a baby! I am in a position where David and I can not make little Jung Joon Youngs and I am #sorrynotsorry to be greedy and demanding but without your intervention the only thing that I am likely to give birth to is a novel. I love giving birth to books but babies are better to smell and nibble on.

Elizabeth, the other half of my Doc Brown Naughty Librarian Book and Writing Club, popped out this baby when I wasn’t looking. #punsarefun I saw it come through on my Amazon alerts and had to send her a message to ask her if it was her because I didn’t think she would do me like that; have a baby and not tell me. #cheappunsarefun I got her to shoot me a copy of A Home For Lily and I read it right away, because I have that whole thing I spoke about in the paragraph above, where I self medicate my need for a child with books where women get knocked up; vicarious pregnancy or pregnancy by proxy; I obviously need to up my meds.

Lily has an asshat for a husband. He’s a class ‘A’ eff-tard and it’s okay that he’s the most miserable S.O.B in the world because in the first chapter Elizabeth kills him and Lily only has to struggle with the emotional forfeiture of dignity during her years spent with Barry and the PSTD from the accident in which he died for a little while. She is a really well put together woman. Well… she was almost shmushed by Barry’s terribad passive aggressive driving that leaves her with a limpy-gimpy lame gam so I guess there is that too, but Lily is actually over Barry long before Elizabeth writes him out of the book. I really feel like Lily should have talked to Elizabeth more and told her how over Barry she was because ma-girl comes out of this boom crash pretty mentally A-FREAKING-OTAY for someone who should be a bit scarred up all over in the head! This of course is the technical summary of the first chapter of the book. If the words I’m using are too formal please seek aid from Urban Dictionary or Google. Continue Reading

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Makin’ The Love Monday – Healing Gabriel by Elizabeth Kelly

Healing Gabriel by Elizabeth KellyGabriel Dern is a grouchy, unhappy, insecure, and lonely man. The accident he had when he was a teen has made the last fifteen years of his life years that were spent exiled from the community his sister wants him to be part of. He can stay home and feel less alone than he does when he joins the real world and people begin to stare and whisper the word “freak” behind their hands. He likes being by himself on his farm. So when his sister, Lacey, interferes and moves a stranger into the guest house not only is it beyond what he can tolerate, but the new tenants pretty face, easy going, clumsy as all hell personality keeps drawing him to her like she’s candy and he has a sweet tooth. And Gabe already has scars; he doesn’t need cavities.

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Tongue Wagger – Red Moon Rising by Elizabeth Kelly

RMR_667x1000If this were a TV show they would say this is the spin-off series from the original book Red Moon. Red Moon is about Avery and Tristan… let’s take just a moment to wipe our chins and settle our fluttering hearts and possibly fluttering loins at the very thought of Tristan Williams. I know that he is still giving me an afterglow even though it has been months since I got to read his sweaty doings. Phew!!! Goodness me, Elizabeth… how do you keep yourself from developing a huge ego knowing that you created such loveliness? If I were you I would just sit alone with my imaginary friends all day long and preen at my clever, naughty mind and the men it creates.

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Weekly Indie Word Slinger – Elizabeth Kelly


As anyone who might be following this Word Slinger Project might have taken note I have had to take a short break while I suffered a never ending bout of the flu. The bug pretty well took my hiney down. Luckily, both Elizabeth and follow Slinger, Khalid Muhammad stuck with me while their reviews, interviews and profiles literally hung in virtual cyberspace. Thanks oodles Elizabeth for being a complete trooper through my weakened state… I was just becoming a lycan. =)

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Book It – In News Today: Elizabeth Kelly Reveals Dark Moon Cover

Dark Moon - Elizabeth Kelly Cover RevealElizabeth Kelly has revealed the cover to her new Red Moon Second Generation novel, Dark Moon, along with it’s synopsis. The novel, which tells the story of Sophia–Tristan’s natural daughter who was adopted by Avery–and her mate Kadan who is brother to James’ mate Bree; keeping it all in the ever growing Williams pack. This promises to be a really great angsty love story since we all know from Red Moon Rising that Kadan is a big ol’ hater of lycans and yet he didn’t let that bother him too much when he let Sophia ride his horse. –Note: There truly is no euphemism there. Expected release date is May 2014. Continue Reading


Book Boyfriend Report – Red Moon by Elizabeth Kelly

Red MoonYou know it’s between lunch and dinner and I’m feeling a little peckish. I don’t feel like having anything too sweet, nothing too beefy. No carbs. No fizzy sodas. I definitely don’t want something that is going to make me feel sleepy. Oh, I know the perfect yummy thing! Just the thing to melt on your tongue and fill your hands: Lycan Lord, Tristan Williams. He might fill you up, but it will feel so good while it’s happening and you will have no guilt afterward. =)

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