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Book Review: Alpha’s Moon by Sabrina Silvers

Alpha's Moon by Sabrina Silvers
Alpha's Moon by Sabrina Silvers
Alpha's Moon by Sabrina Silvers
Alpha’s Moon by Sabrina Silvers

Title: Alpha’s Moon (Dirigo Pack #1)
Author: Sabrina Silvers
Genre: Shifter Paranormal Romance
4 of 5 stars

You had me a shifter.

I find it difficult to dislike a shifter book. The sub-genre is chockablock with both the traditional and the far-out, so I tend to soak those books up. I don’t regret it either.

Alpha’s Moon is good. Much more the traditional shifter story with a kickass heroine and a truly devoted Alpha-Heir who is dying to claim her.

After a night out, Sheridan finds herself at the center of an abduction investigation for her close friend Kayleigh. A White Knight in the form of Kayleigh’s brother rides in and takes over. Kane is the Alpha-Heir of the Dirigo Pack and in charge of security. His senses tell him Sheridan isn’t a suspect, and what’s more, she’s his true mate. He doesn’t expect her to fight the mating call so hard or to want her like he does. Meanwhile, his sister is missing, and someone is subverting the investigation. Who in the pack is guilty of the unthinkable? Treason.

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