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Tongue Wagger – Dark Secrets by Madeline Pryce


Mmmm… Micah. You know if something’s good you make sure you keep going back for more. Micah is one of my favorite good things. I don’t know if there is an ‘enough’ point where he is concerned. I have a somethin’ somethin’ for Eli as well and if I could have a Micah and Eli bookend sammich with me as a gooey center I think that would be a moment in my fictional fantasy life that would need to be memorialized by some sort of mental photography. Sexual psychic 3-d imaging. MY GOD! Imagine if you could 3-d print your fav book boyfriend?! I would have a complete collection of Maddie Pryce’s Dark Series twig and berry cast!

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He Said, She Said – Making Love 101 – Madeline Pryce

Making Love 101Making Love 101 has allowed me to come in contact with some incredible authors and make some great new friends. Madeline Pryce has been the very definition of kindness and patience and has been sending me bushels of email (((HUGS))), which I am forever thankful for because I think everyone can agree that when you have the flu 6 weeks out of 2 months, virtual TLC is right up there with Fresno’s potato soup and 4th of July. Well, you can’t agree with that, but I can say that and you can nod like you know what I’m talking about. Thanks oodles and noodles, Madeline!

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Makin’ The Love Monday – Dark Craving by Madeline Pryce

Dark CravingsYummy. I like my men like I like my coffee. EVIL. Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm, Micah. I want him with a little Splenda and some ice because I don’t like hot drinks hot and then I would get the Grande size, ’cause–well we all know men like him don’t come in a tiny cup!

Madeline Pryce sent me this review copy when she agreed to be part of my Making Love 101 interviews and when I read the book I pretty much wanted to find the graveyard Micah and Ella patrol incase I could hook up on some tricycle action if Guinevere should ever peek out of Hell and want to give us all a little spritz of Lust by Chanel again. Don’t be giving this page that look. Once you read the book you will be trying to figure out how to be the third wheel too, so don’t be judging me until you know the path my eyes have travelled.

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