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Book Review: I Pucking Love You by Pippa Grant

I Pucking Love You by Pippa Grant
I Pucking Love You by Pippa Grant

Title: I Pucking Love You (Copper Valley Thrusters #5)
Author: Pippa Grant
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book had a terribly slow start, and so many times, I want to throw it down and quit. But I’m glad I didn’t because right around the time someone ahem passes out at the funeral, it all picks up.

Pippa Grant has a style that is simply all hers wonderful and blessed chaos. In typical Pippa fashion, her heroine, Muffy Periwinkle, is a hot mess. It’s not just that she is a med school drop-out or runs a flagging matchmaking business. You can’t point at her figure or her insecurities and say that those are what has her at wit’s end. It’s not that she has a death-seeking feline; it’s all of it together. She needs some tender loving care.

Tyler Jaeger to the rescue.

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