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Book Review: Dreams of Fire by Christian Cura

Dreams of Fire by Christian Cura
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Dreams of Fire by Christian Cura
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Title: Dreams of Fire
Author: Christian Cura
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, LGBTQ
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Good vs. Evil.
Witches, demon slayers, spells, family loyalty, love, heartache, rivalry, friendship, and betrayal are the core of Christian Cura’s Dreams of Fire plot. If you enjoy Lev Grossman’s Magicians or the tv adaptation of L.J. Smith’s Secret Circle, Dreams of Fire is something that could appeal to you.

Dedication to protecting non-mystics from magic-users with ill intent is what drives the Hartman Family. But the world of magic isn’t easily policed. The inciting incident of this story lies in temptation. All people can act in a good or evil fashion, or both at the same time. True good is the ability to make the difficult choice, a selfless act when confronted with the temptation to work outside of the mystic world rules.

Kara Hartman fell prey to the slippery slope of mischief run amok and fell into the clutches of lawlessness while studying magic at the prestigious Academy of Mystic Arts. The line she didn’t draw soon enough is now a death shroud marked by betrayal. She survived the unhappy end of a losing battle but with blood on her hands. Now the reluctant mystic is a scarred artist starting over in a more comfortable setting. But her escape is hindered by the mere fact that a blind eye isn’t a way out.

This novel is an excellent start to the series but is fraught with red ink mistakes.

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