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Book It: Carter Reed 2 Is In The Building


The long awaited Carter Reed 2 has just been released by Tijan and it’s crawling up the Amazon Seller charts like she is selling chocolate. This novel continues the love story of crime syndicate leader Carter Reed and his love kitten Emma Martins as they burn the world down. In typical Tijan fashion this novel has a lot of ‘if you aren’t with me you’re against me’ and ‘love is taking a hit out on your opposition’ within it’s pages. If you are a Tijan lover than this is another book for your TBR.

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Book It, Giveaways

Book It – In News Today: Tijan Rewards Tijanettes With Carter Reed 2 Tidbit for 27K Like Facebook Pinnacle; I Reward Tijanettes With Carter Reed Giveaway!


On September 23, 2014 Tijan posted a challenge to her followers on her Facebook account, Tijan’s Books, that the reward for reaching 27,000 likes would be a teaser from the long awaited second Carter Reed novel. Carter Reed is the book which tells the gritty love story of Emma and the man she has always loved but has become a powerful figure in the crime world, Carter Reed. The book was the first adult novel Tijan wrote and continued her signature style while catapulting her out of the YA genre into the NA/Contemporary Adult Romance genre.



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